In a world of fictional beauty, U.GLY Brand Clothing is providing material with truth. Fashion with meaning, hope, and will. In 2011, Hip Hop artist, Mickey Knoxx, aka Nick Young, set out to brand the world with U.GLY, You Gotta Love Yourself.

Pairing with Professional DJ, DJ Big Jae, aka Greg Williams, and Graphic Designer, Rich Lowery, these guys are seeking mainstream fashion attention. With simple designs and using the basic font, Impact, U.GLY is attempting to do just that.

Impacting the world through Fashion… one of the worlds most judgmental industries. U.GLY is based out of Trenton, NJ, however, their website,, is where most of their sales come thru. Looking to a successful future, U.GLY is working its way to grasp and hold the attention of the fashion world. The brand’s inspiration is drawn from life and social settings. Everyone wants to be somebody, but nobody understands that it takes self love and knowledge of self to actually be who you think you want to be.

“The biggest thing about building character is knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin. At the risk of sounding cliché, you have to love yourself before anyone else can, so true love begins with yourself. Our motto is “It Starts Inside U.GLY” – Mickey Knoxx.Which is why they use basic designs with cocky/confident slogans, such as, “U.GLY All The Time,” which when paired with a mirror reads the correct way to remind the wearer, “U gotta love yourself all the time.”

This gets other people asking questions to the wearer of the shirt…and they begin explain the mantra behind U.GLY. It leaves the onlooker with an “Aha” moment, and the wearer with a sense of gratification. In a world where beauty is dictated by your appearance, U.GLY is bringing it back to who you are on the inside, where your Self resides, bringing Self to the front line.

U.GLY Brand Clothing is about self-esteem, self-awareness, self-preservation and above all, love of oneself. It might seem quite self-ish, but the true value is the outward expression of confidence.

U.GLY is more about a lifestyle, and a mindset than it is a clothing line. The clothing line is just the physical manifestation of the mantra, “U. Gotta Love Yourself.”

U.GLY is getting involved with community youth groups, and also routinely donates to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Taking advantage of every opportunity thrown their way, U.GLY presents itself at any showcase, community event or other philanthropy. In an era where, bullying and self-image issues are incredibly prominent, U.GLY provides assurance with classic designs.

“Our plans for 2012…we’re gonna make the world U.GLY, one beautiful person at a time…”.

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