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[SSUR] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

Jan 06, 2013 @ 00:56
all over fuck ssur print is smokeyfacesmokeyface
Jan 06, 2013 @ 20:59
Futura collection is straight smokeyface well be getting both hoodies!


Jan 15, 2013 @ 01:29
Any reup of size small on the controlled substance coach jacket?
Jan 15, 2013 @ 05:24
will the gold gun chain ever get restocked??
Jan 15, 2013 @ 06:37
they need to just drop that hoody.

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Jan 15, 2013 @ 19:54
that all over print ssur X futura hoodie is fire

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Jan 17, 2013 @ 23:01
All this shit going to make me poor.
Jan 18, 2013 @ 09:17

when's the new shit dropping?
Jan 18, 2013 @ 21:07
copped this today
Jan 18, 2013 @ 22:28
^ That's tight AF

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Jan 22, 2013 @ 01:50
That Lone Wolf hat gonna be on my head in a few months thassit
Feb 19, 2013 @ 18:19
How much difference between sizes L and XL? I got comme des hoodie size L, perfect fit but way too short. I'm 6'2.
Feb 19, 2013 @ 18:58
^ I find SSUR hoodies do fit mad short. I'm 6'5" and wear 2xl but some brands hoodies (Black Scale, for example) fit really well length wise. But I got the Misfit hoodie last year and that shit fits like 3 inches shorter than most...

http://vimeo.com/hyperstationusa ___ Twitter and Instagram: @hyperstationusa

Feb 20, 2013 @ 06:36
NOW AVAILABLE AT store.ssurempirestate.com
Yep. Also available in black, green, orange, red, white or yellow. Still waiting on that "Lone Wolf" cap tho...
Feb 20, 2013 @ 18:56
SSUR killed it with the Project booth
Feb 20, 2013 @ 20:58
international shipping is so damn high on their site! i would love to cop off some stuff, but shipping is nearly higher then buying stuff


Feb 24, 2013 @ 01:43
copped this today
Wish this was available online. People in my city aren't even hip to SSUR yet.

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Feb 24, 2013 @ 01:43
Edit: Double-post.

Black Scale OG Silence snapback - PM me with offers.

Mar 20, 2013 @ 09:30
is this web http://us.ssurempirestate.com/ssur.html legit? it has a different url from the official ssur web that i visit before which is this http://store.ssurempirestate.com/ssur.html. both site look the same but the first site are selling stuff slightly diff or those which have alr sold out like the comme des fdwn tshirt in red. can anyone enlighten me abt this?
Mar 20, 2013 @ 12:55
store.ssurempirestate.com is the only online store FUCK IT IF


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Aug 01, 2013 @ 02:59


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