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Official Bobby Hundreds Paisley Post

Mar 19, 2006 @ 20:54
Everyone wants an explanation!!!!!
We'd be more than happy to oblige.

First off, we have had a disclaimer on our site regarding the all-over-print process, since we started sales on the Paisleys. I have even done my best in the picture to show what the garment looks like (yes there is a line down the middle). Through the photos I originally posted on our site in front of our studio, you can see the blemishes on sleeves (go look). The vast majority of these paisleys were sold out through stores, which infers that the consumers who bought them saw the product firsthand. In sum, we did not pull the wool over anyone's eyes. What You See Is What You Get. Some people chose to pass them up because of those blemishes. But apparently most people looked past them because they either understood the rawness associated with all-over-prints, or they just didn't care.

For anyone who is involved in screenprinting, and even for those who have purchased an all-over-print t-shirt, you are aware that it is not an exact process. Since you are running the machine over bumps, and uneven panels, the paint gathers along the edges. All of your favorite all-over-print t-shirts made by small, independent labels like ours, have the same problems along the collar, sides, and sleeves (go ahead and check). Now you may argue that you have seen those types of prints done WITHOUT the smearing and unevenness. But those are NOT the all-over-prints that I'm talking about. Those are patterns that are made on the fabric itself BEFORE the garment is constructed. E.g. Big-name brands like Bape, Zoo, etc., who have the resources and capital to produce their own patterned fabric, meet large minimums, and move a lot of units because they sell to so many stores (which, as you can see, we do not).

Which is exactly the problem with cut-n-sewing a garment like this. We would've had to order large minimums, which drive up the cost of the garment, which means that YOU (the consumer) pays an arm and a leg for a simple hooded sweatshirt made by a small, independent company.

I'm going to assume that most of you are not involved in the industry so I will explain how things work from our vantage (a small, independent label, with LIMITED ends, LIMITED resources, and trying to do our best to provide you with quality product at an AFFORDABLE price). This was our plan with these Paisleys. We only wanted to make a few hundred of them. Our overseas manufacturers wouldn't even touch the order unless we ordered thousands. We did not have the money for that production, but most importantly, we wanted to only make a few so that not everyone had one of these sweatshirts. So instead we found a way around cut-n-sew production, and experimented with all-over-print on an actual sweatshirt, which we had never seen before on our scale.

Aside from the smearing on the edges - which we do not think is a problem considering how all-over-prints work - there is the line down the back. Unfortunately, with all-over-printing on sweatshirts, that line exists for a reason. That is because the machine can not run over the bump the zipper creates, so we were forced to do the printing as 2 different sections. I did my best to make the design aligned correctly, but as was stated in our disclaimer, the print does not match up exactly on every sweatshirt.

Furthermore, my original sketches of this sweatshirt were to have the paisleys run over the cuffs of the sweatshirt. Most brands who cut-n-sew garments like this can NOT run the prints on the cuffs. So the all-over-screenprint process worked out best for us, because we could get a hoody that we had originally designed. Not a hoody with blank cuffs. (it's the little things that count, right?)

So this is the moral of the story.
We wanted to make a very limited amount of these sweatshirts (with prints on the cuffs) so that the people who bought them wouldn't run into twins wherever they went. Our goal was that if you went to a CoolGuy party, maybe only 1 other person in the room would have a Paisley besides yourself. The worst thing is to go to a party, wearing a loud sweatshirt like this, and eveyrone commenting on "hey, you have a twin over there!" haha

We wanted to keep them affordable. If we had done this via cut-n-sew, it would've cost us 3-4 times as much to make this sweatshirt. Which means you would've paid at least $250 for a simple hoody. AT LEAST. (think how much limited cut-n-sew pieces by Leroy Jenkins or Nom De Guerre can run you). I even think $80 is a lot for a hooded sweatshirt, but considering how few we made, I think it's a pretty good bargain (and judging by the support we get about our pricing, it seems many of you agreed also).

Plus, there is one final reason that explains why you shouldn't be too bummed about the white-paisley blemishes (the black-on-black isn't such a problem) Since all of this has come up today, and people are hungry for a response from us, I will reveal the FINAL part of the "All-Over-Paisley" saga, which will wrap everything up in a very nice bow, and make you go "ohhhh thats why."

If you were fortunate enough to get an all-over- WHITE Paisley hoody, then please pay attention.

Those sweatshirts were actually intended for customization (yes, I know Nick Diamond already broke the news a few days ago) with a $3 bottle of dye from the drugstore. You can keep the paisleys WHITE, but the smearing/misalignment are best-muted when you color the hoodies. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

And yes, this sweatshirt in the photo originally looked pretty similar to all the other ones that people have been posting, before being dyed.

I hope that this explains much. I was planning on breaking the news tonight, but a few comments on these boards made me jump the gun.

Thanks for continuing to support us, reading this, and giving us a chance to explain ourselves and our decisions.

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:05
well being the first one to comment
id just like to thank bobby for taking the time to make this post.

Alot of brands and the people behind them would just ignore all this dicussion and hype, and just continue doing their thing

I appreciate the personal connection that bobby brings thru the site and forums like these, and i think thats a big part of their success.

I understand the problems with cut and sew for small businesses, and hopefully with the growth of streetwear some of these can be dealt with.
In the meantime though, i think an important point made here is that u cant just have ur cake and eat it too, sometimes u gotta make sacrificies

mainly being the issue of affordability vs quality.

brands like NDG , Supreme, and BAPE are all well established, and even they charge a preimum for their goods

partciuarly NDG and BAPE
Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:24
Thats real talk for you, shit Im surprised you guys had a couple hundred made, thats alot of hoodies for a independent company IMO..
Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:25
Well said. And the customization is dope.
Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:26
^^^ very nice work done by the hundreds :cheers:

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:41
Hah, I don't know if I should be psyched that I was able to get an order through in the first place (still waiting on that e-mail telling me there was a problem, thus crushing my hopes), or if I should be bummed I got a black one.
...nah, still psyched. I'd probably dye the fucker black anyhow.
I'd need like 30 of the white ones to make sure I matched. :rofl:
Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:42
wow the fact it was meant for customizing is pretty sweet ... thats some next level shit ;)

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:52
i want a pink one i want a pink one i want a pink one

any love for me bobby? lol

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:53
bobby u gonna have instructions on the site about how to customize?

that purple is calling my name

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 21:57
As a dude who is up on his clothing craftiness, I will let you know that all the instructions you need can be found on the bottle of RIT Dye you will be able to purchase at your nearest hobby store IE AC Moore, Joann's Fabrics, Pearl, etc.
You can get liquid or powder, and it runs anywhere from $3 up depending upon how much you get.
It was definitely a pretty hot idea setting up these hoodies for customization, grrrrreat idea dudes.
More specifically, LINK. Say word. SAY IT!
Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:01
Originally posted by Inactive User
wow the fact it was meant for customizing is pretty sweet ... thats some next level shit ;)

I have to agree, now those black and whites one are gonna be even more sought after...

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:14
great post bobby. now ppl who ordered em are actually telling themselves, "damn i'm glad i got my hands on one now after reading his post." or "i'm not complaining anymore."

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:19
this why im impressed with "the hundreds" i like how both through their website and even on forums they touch the comunity both by explaining how products are made but also by putting "people" behind the brand. big ups, im looking forward to my hoodies.
Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:24
Such a good fucking idea... props. A scarlet red paisley hoody is calling my name.
Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:31
Bobby, great posting! What a great idea as far as the dye job! Thanks again for the post and the great Spring line! Jae

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:31
im feeling those hoodies alot !

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Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:42
theres a reason behind every thought..lovin the hoodies..mad i aint get one..haha
Mar 19, 2006 @ 22:52
so are the hoodies done? or will there be other shipments?
Mar 19, 2006 @ 23:14
So has any received the e-mail condemning you to be paisley-free due to your order being cancelled, or has the e-mail not come out yet? The suspense is KILLING me!!
Mar 19, 2006 @ 23:35
i want 1 so bad...
please hook up hypebeast members
ill drive down to la to pick this up from u personally...
im sad now
Mar 19, 2006 @ 23:50
Omg, why did I know this all along, bobby im moving to NY, please give me a damn job in designs.....
Mar 20, 2006 @ 00:21
^ We're in LA.
Mar 20, 2006 @ 00:47
Japanese girls are hot

and thanks for the hoodie
Mar 20, 2006 @ 00:56
did active get these hoodies?
Mar 20, 2006 @ 01:00
good info, finally the facts hit me like a brick that its to late to get the P hoodies : [ i was callin all the stores that have The Hundreds they all said they "i have no idea," or "were getting a new shipment next month(was hoping but guess not anymore : [),"or gave me a blunt answer "no". i guess i can stop wasting my time trying to calling & driving around all those stores everyday for those P hoodies :stoneface:
Mar 20, 2006 @ 02:31
Originally posted by Inactive User
did active get these hoodies?

active was one of the places i called, and they said they have no idea or said wait next month.... and the only The Hundreds stuff that they had was only 2 shirts :stoneface:
Mar 20, 2006 @ 02:35
After seeing the custom, im even more pissed I didnt get a hoody.
Mar 20, 2006 @ 02:36
I just posted the CUSTOMIZING instructions on our website, but I will post them here for the HB community as well. Thanks again for the support everyone. We're just tryin' to keep movin'. Thanks for helpin' us get there.


If you were fortunate enough to get a WHITE paisley hoody, you have the option of customizing the sweatshirt to your favorite color. The process takes 30 minutes, and even a 1-armed chimpanzee can pull it off, so put the sandwich down and get crackin', Fatboy!

1. Alright, finish chewing your pastrami, and then go to your local drugstore and ask where the fabric dye is. After you've waded through the toilet plungers, KING magazines, and half-eaten bags of Doritos, you should find something that looks like this:

Most drugstores, crafts-stores, and art-stores carry Rit brand fabric dye (which is what we used), but you should be able to find some type of dye, whether it's liquid or powder-based (both work the same).

What colors are available?
According to Rit's website, you have your choice of:

Aubergine, Aquamarine, Black, Cocoa Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Denim Blue, Ecru, Evening Blue, Fuchsia, Golden Yellow, Kelly Green, Mauve, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Peach, Pearl Grey, Purple, Rose Pink, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Sunshine Orange, Tan, Tangerine, Teal, Taupe, Wine, and Yellow!

It's like that Skittles commercial where the rainbow is melting all over the world, but without the leprechauns.

2. Super. Now you're set. Go home, take another bite of your sandwich, Fatboy, and then head to the laundry machine. Pull out your sister's soggy training bra and start filling the machine with the hottest water possible. So hot, that if it were any hotter, it'd be fire!,... except for the fact that it's water, of course.

3. Throw in the Paisley hoody, and then pour in the dye. Then say the Alphabet backwards.

4. This is where it gets mildly confusing and mind-altering. Pour in a cup of salt! I don't know why you're supposed to do this, but that's what the dye instructions say. Might as well throw some scrambled eggs in the wash while you're at it (JUST KIDDING. DON'T DO THAT. Throw in the salt. Not the eggs. You can eat those, Fatboy.)

5. Sit around for 30 minutes, wait, and stare at your sister's training bra.

6. Ding! Ding! Congratulations. You've customized your very first The Hundreds Paisley hoody. Slap that puppy on, drive down to the Cineplex and start scoring 14-year-old chicks with your...

7. ...Oh, wait. You may want to dry it first...

8. And THEN, start scoring those 14-year-old chicks!

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Mar 20, 2006 @ 02:46
wow that looks amazing now i really can't wait till i get mine. Do you guys allow pick ups for people in LA if they are already ordered online? I would love to see some of the other colors in person before i try my own.
Mar 20, 2006 @ 02:46
now i don't know which color to pick or to even pick a color to dye at all :shocked:
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