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[NOVEMBER RED] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Dec 21, 2011 @ 18:26
Our Holiday branding cards; Included in all of our packages!

NOVEMBER RED® www.november-red.com TUMBLR www.novemberred.tumblr.com TWITTER @November_Red

Dec 21, 2011 @ 18:32

NOVEMBER RED® www.november-red.com TUMBLR www.novemberred.tumblr.com TWITTER @November_Red

Dec 31, 2011 @ 18:55

With today being the last day of 2011 we wanted to recap the development and growth the brand has enjoyed this year. When we first set out to open up the brand we wanted to do it in a platform like the HYPEBEAST Forum in order to get real feedback from the people we are trying to reach with our direction and designs! Exposing your hard work for the public to view and comment on is not an easy task but we knew if we were going to move forward we needed to "man up" and show others what our passion is all about!

We created the NOVEMBER RED thread on January 11th with excitement and desire to share what we had been working on since our days of living in Japan. The feedback we received from the HYPEBEAST readers was overwhelming and frankly unexpected! Not one negative comment in a social media platform that is sometimes known to be harsh with its comments! This only fueled our desire to do something special this year that much more! I understand you should do things because YOU want to do them and not because of what others think but lets be honest this is fashion as well and if your development is not receiving positive feedback from the consumer then something must be revisited. Our introduction was simple, showcase our TEST RUN 0 which released late 2010. The test run was released to 50 friends and family in order to get their opinion on our "SHAPED IN AMERICA" design. The project was composed of 50 tees each one numbered and personalized for the individual which we hoped showed our dedication to be different and attention to detail!

After the feedback we received from the drop we were confident we were ready to release our TEST RUN 1 to the public.

Our TEST RUN 1 featured four designs each limited to 50 pieces. When we dropped this last test run we had one thing in mind: BRANDING! We wanted to introduce the NOVEMBER RED logo, script, and "SHAPED IN AMERICA" moniker which is true to the brand. We also brought back our TEST RUN 0 design which we differintitaed by not numbering it individually. What we had was a simple release which in our mind gave our consumer a small look into our ideas and design style. With the release of TEST RUN 1 we also opened up what we called our "TEMP SHOP" to the public!

We opened up the temp shop and it quickly became a success with our small following! This small success served as a testament to us that we were on the right track to making meaningful designs and releases with one goal in mind: ORIGINALITY. Our TEST RUN 1 was now open to the public and NOVEMBER RED got some wind on its back!

First NOVEMBER RED orders:

During the month of March the world not only learned about the catastrophic events that pounded Japan but also got the opportunity to view it live on TV as it happened. Japan was our home for seven years and it served as the platform for this passion we have to make things right and make them with dedication so we knew we had to humbly do something in return. We debated back and forth on what exactly we wanted to do for Japan because of the sensitive times and seriousness of the situation. We agreed on making something that in our heart represented everything going on in the country and what we thought would represent the rise of a new nation! We embarked on our special project NEO NIPPON in March of 2011 with 100% of the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross for the aid of the Japanese people.

NEO NIPPON uses the statue of Kusunoki Masashige which is located in the Imperial Palace Gardens and is regarded as Japan's greatest "Warrior". A sign of strength surrounded by the city, nuclear plant turmoil, and classic Japanese imagery with the NOVEMBER RED design style! The back of the piece was kept simple but POWERFUL: Chikara is the symbol for "STRENGTH" which brings hope to a nation brought to it's knees. To me this is our best work because of the passion and seriousness we put into making something meaningful for our second home Japan.

We used the following months and summer to prepare for what would be our official release: COLLECTION 0 "THERE ARE NO MORE HEROES". We quickly went to work on eight designs that leave no room for error into the message we are trying to expose! We love FASHION, ART, POP CULTURE, and everything that has shaped us into the individuals we are today. In an interview I stated "we are just two kids from the 90s trying to do what we love today" and with COLLECTION 0 I think we made this point evident! On September 1 2011 we released our official COLLECTION 0 along our official website! www.november-red.com

We understand that NOVEMBER RED is not for everybody and thats ok we embrace that challenge! One thing we do know is that when you look at our brand, designs, and future developments in 2012 you are getting something that is born out of passion, hunger, want, desire, and fire to be different from others; WE WANT TO BE NOVEMBER RED and nothing else! I thank you for your time from the entire NOVEMBER RED family and we hope you come back in 2012 and see what we have in the works! Thank you for your support this year from one HYPEBEAST FORUM member to another:

Thank you,



NOVEMBER RED® www.november-red.com TUMBLR www.novemberred.tumblr.com TWITTER @November_Red

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