Trust the Mess

This is going to be a difficult entry to keep concise, as there moncler jackets outlet are so
many beautiful threads that have been woven
together to create this story that I can hardly separate them. The best way I
can summarize this is to share that this studio has bestowed yet another gift to
me, which is a confirmation that no matter how much I try to plot, plan, analyze
cheap moncler jackets and
wonder about anything, life has a way of unfolding in more magical arrangements
than I could have ever imagined.

I have been a fan of Sabrina Ward Harrison work for many years, and despite
the fact that we have been orbiting around one another - moncler jackets online sale
with a number of mutual friends between us - this entire time, we never met.
Even though I always liked the idea of connecting with her, there was something
that told me we would find our way to each other in our moncler jackets sale own way, and
that this needed to happen as organically as possible. It was just a feeling,
and I honored it all these years.

Not long after I moved into my studio, certain events transpired and suddenly
the urge to reach out hit me. So I did, and it turns out this was the moment
that had been waiting for us all these years. Call it a strange confluence of
available space and a connection that came right out of left field, bounced of
five different walls and somehow landed in our laps. I can explain it any other

Because of this new connection, I am very excited to announce that I will be
hosting Trust the Mess, a two-day workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison in my
Venice, California studio next month. Sabrina and I invite you to join her in a
magical space that has re-awakened my deepest creative energies and inspired me
to move in many new directions. I am honored and delighted to be part of what I
know will be an extraordinary gathering with Sabrina. All the details are below
~ we look forward to seeing you!

Trust the MessA Weekend Workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison

Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22, 201011:00am - 4:30pmVenice,
CaliforniaSPACE IS LIMITED: 16 participants maximum$445 per person if registered
by August 6, 2010 $700 per person after that.