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Consumer Currents

Dec 19, 2012 @ 03:14
Consumer Currents

Tuesday, Deckers Outdoors (DECK -5.8%) continues to slide lower as shares have now
lopped off close to 30% of their trading value in a month. NBG's Brian Sozzi
wants to make a case that valuation is juicy for the company with the iconic
boots, but says reality forces his hand. In a nutshell, the outlook looks dicey
for Deckers Outdoors with it needing to sell higher-priced Ugg boots during cheap ugg boots the holiday
season to strapped consumers with trendier alternative popping up right and

Maybe I am biased. Generally I don't form too close an attachment to a
company's stock for ego sake. If I thought it was warranted I'd dump the stock
mercilessly. So all these analysts are coming out with these negative stories
about the UGG Boot. Now I'm guessing they are talking about the UGG Classic
Boot. So ugg boots online I
went onto the companies website to look at http://www.uggbootsonlinesalezz.com/
the products it sells. Turns out that Decker doesn't just sell one extremely
popular boot it has a whole eco-system of footwear. This is a great time to buy
Decker! The balance sheet is super strong, its margins are great, the ROE, ROA,
CROIC and ROIC are all outstanding for the most part. (Cash flow has been been
below normal in ugg boots
the past couple of years) In summary, the prospects for the company
over the medium to longer term looks just great. It seems
to me ugg boots on sale that
this is one of those occasions where the market woke up and took stupid pills.
As Ben Graham might say, some days Mr. Market will offer to sell (and buy) you
stock at a ridiculously low price. 
Jul 12, 2013 @ 04:42
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