hype cog
Feb 12, 2010 @ 13:15
that was illana...for a sec there i thought that was kate......FUCK.

Feb 12, 2010 @ 16:34
Sun is hideous
Feb 12, 2010 @ 16:43
I'm shocked, Swiss. Astounded, even.
Feb 12, 2010 @ 19:13
Really? Hideous? You think Sun is HIDEOUS? She may not be your stee but isn't hideous a little overboard? There's not many people in the world that are "hideous". You're buggin. I think Kate SUCKS and I wouldn't call her hideous. She's really plain looking and her character is annoying as fuck. Would smash Juliet & Sun all day. I'll fight tough ass Jin & Sawyer for them haha
Feb 12, 2010 @ 19:28
Feb 12, 2010 @ 19:44
^ lol'd. I was gonna post that last week, bitch
Feb 12, 2010 @ 21:35
Feb 13, 2010 @ 04:10
^^ lolz

First two episodes this season were really good. Especially the acting by Terry Quinn was top class.

Like mentioned before, Kate-centric episodes always seem to be boring. Last episode was no exception. She's nice to look at but the character is boring.
Feb 16, 2010 @ 14:03
Tonight's episode is goona be bad fucking ass. If it hasnt been mentioned it's called "the substitute" Locke centric.
Feb 16, 2010 @ 22:24
awesome episode...best episode so far this season in my opinion....to be honest i sorta guessed a while back that the numbers had to do with certain characters so I wasn't surprised really but I think Locke had a really awesome episode...i have a feeling that when they buried him isn't gonna be the last we see of the real locke...its lost so he could be back...


ps next week looks good as well.
Feb 16, 2010 @ 22:33
Yeah tonights episode was dope. It was cool how fake Locke couldn't fuck with the children smokeyface I'm presuming those are the kids that have been abducted in the past so were they recruited directly by Jacob and thus untouchable?
Feb 16, 2010 @ 22:44
im waiting to see how Ben Linus and Charles Widmore are really involved in this cuz i remember them confronting each other and saying something about "the rules" and not being able to kill each other too. seems like a big game
Feb 17, 2010 @ 01:10
rumors are that the kid is actually jacob.....dont even ask haha...this show for real moves in so many different directions at the most random of times...but i still love it.

Feb 17, 2010 @ 01:21
rumors are that the kid is actually jacob.....dont even ask haha...this show for real moves in so many different directions at the most random of times...but i still love it.


I thought it was Jacob too.

Thought this episode was really good.. anyone know where you can watch the preview for next weeks episode online?
Feb 17, 2010 @ 01:29

looks good....finally get to see jack smashing that mirror that apparently shows your past or some shit..

Feb 17, 2010 @ 01:59
word thanks. is it a jack centric episode?
Feb 17, 2010 @ 01:59
holy mother of god that was good.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 03:20
yeah its jack centric....the kid was probably the best part in tonight's ep for me....it looks like its something important...possibly jacob as a child or even a third character...but it was strange how only flocke and sawyer could see him...not richard. Anyone watch kimmel tonight???....michel emerson was on and said he has some pretty "killer" scenes with terry o'quinn coming up....and he thinks the whole substitute teacher will continue so that will be interesting to see how that develops.

Feb 17, 2010 @ 10:54
OMG OMG. Amazing episode.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 13:04
When the kid told Locke that "Jacob can't be killed", how did you guys interpret it?

Literally, as in he can't be killed?


You shouldn't have killed him?
Feb 17, 2010 @ 14:12
I'm thinking he shouldn't have killed him. It'd be kind of a copout if Jacob wasn't dead, after seeing his get stabbed, proclaim his own death to Hugo, and Illana scooping up his ashes.

EDIT: fuck that, I think the boy meant Sawyer. Remember when Illana was all cautious about Frank's wellbeing in last season's finale? Well, she said he might be a candidate. We know he isn't, but Sawyer is, and Richard even said "Locke" would kill him.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 14:21
I wonder what Illana is going to do with his ash. I bet it's super ash!

Also why does Jacob have so many dwellings. Statue, cabin, and now a cave in the cliff!

But yea last night's episode is awesome. It only confirms my belief that the man in black was not indigenous to the island and wants to return back to the real world. A luxury that only Jacob had and clearly the temple acts as a barrier.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 14:24
So are Jacob & the temple others the bad guys? Seems weird to be on the side of a PILLAR OF BLACK SMOKE.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 15:00
lost is the shit
Feb 17, 2010 @ 15:35
anyone in the uk should remember this

Feb 17, 2010 @ 15:47
The kid could be an authority higher than Jacob abd MIB? Hence MIB is so scared of him. There's a lot of mentions of this being a "game" between Jacob and MIB, maybe this kid is the referee or rule-maker.

But yeah, when I first saw him I instantly thought "Kid-Jacob". This could also be why MIB is shocked/afraid.

There's rumours a float of people that think the kid is Aaron, but that's unlikely, unless it's Aaron from the future or something. Or Jacob = Aaron from the future? The whole thing could be a huge a massive link of universes/times? Maybe MIB is from a different universe? Confusing stuff.

Oh and there's a 40-second preview of next weeks ep here that focuses on Claire and she seems to be wondering where her kid is.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 16:16
^ I really hope Claire kills Kate.
Feb 17, 2010 @ 16:52
who else hopes the real locke aint dead for good??...I really hope theres gonna be a scene where it shows where he was buried and then you see a hand come up from the ground....for some reason i really dont think we have scene the last of the real locke...

Feb 17, 2010 @ 17:17
Nah fuck locke.

Jack = Jacob
Sawyer = New MIB

It's gon' end with Jack wearing white and Sawyer wearing black, both chillin' on the beach when all of a sudden a boat/plane is going to be going their way and Sawyer turns to Jack and goes "Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?".
Feb 17, 2010 @ 17:35
^ cheesy

also, after how much the show has emphasised locke being dead, I can't see him being resurrected. I think we'll see him again in the other timeline, but not in the main island storyline.
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