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Recommend me some good TV series

Mar 04, 2010 @ 01:15
^ just finished watching AD so fucking sad its....over..... can't wait for the movie.
Mar 04, 2010 @ 08:28
The Wire is the best show ever made. (Best thing ever made for moving pictures, I'd say.)

Other stuff worth checking out:

Sports Night (Peter Krause from Six Feet Under's old show about the behind the scenes action at a SportsCenter type show)
Freaks & Geeks
Venture Brothers (my favorite Adult Swim show)

YES!!! freaks and geeks is fuckin amazing..cant believe they cancelled it, it had the potential to go on for at least 2 more seasons...and yeh the wire is the greatest show ever made.
Jun 09, 2010 @ 07:32
Finished watching Mad Men season 4. Watching HIMYM season 5 and WEEDS season 4.

Downloading Community and The Wire~!

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Jun 09, 2010 @ 13:12
Jun 09, 2010 @ 16:47
I kinda change my mind about The Wire being the best show of all time. I mean, if it's based on merit, then pound for pound The Wire has it. Good writing, good acting, whatever. But nothing can match the affection I had for Lost.
Jun 09, 2010 @ 19:49
^Not really interested cuz they've been lost for very long time lololol *Sarcasm

Kayv: pull bitches, not triggers. throw parties, not fists. futurebass : my mom said life is like a box of kimchi. chopzz.tumblr.com

Jun 11, 2010 @ 02:12
Nah it won't get better with the 3rd cast, I think they're happy with the extremities of teenagers they're showing. I mean S1 and S2 weren't exactly prime examples of teens, but it was still interesting to watch, S3 and S4 are just stereotypical bull; basically what old people think all teens do.

This is from a while ago, but idgaf. It's interesting that you'd say that, because the average age of the writing team on Skins is like 19. Some of them are still doing their A-Levels. So, on the one hand, it could explain poor writing, but on the other, shouldn't it at least be a bit truer to life?

In other news, I'm back in on Mad Men. It's still not like the GOAT like the Emmys would suggest, but I like its tone -- that's the best word I can use to describe it.
Jun 13, 2010 @ 21:18
finished community blushing funniest tv show, season 3 of entourage was great, modern family was also funny as hell. bouta watch mad men
Jun 16, 2010 @ 13:15
Just recently started watching reruns of 21 Jump Street (1980s undercover cop show with Johnny Depp) on Hulu/YouTube (and now on DVD).

I've never even heard of the show until a year or so ago. If you don't like or can't at least tolerate some campy/cheesy stuff (or the outdated issues from the 1980s) you may not like it at first, but its a good show and grows into its own by the second season. Its amazing to watch, even from the beginning Johnny Depp was a very good actor. Holly Robinson Peete looks good, although her acting isn't sometimes. Peter DeLuise is funny as hell, and Dustin Nguyen is underrated. The cast is multicultural, something that's lacking in today's television.
Jun 17, 2010 @ 10:46
arrested development
mad men
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