finally I can build an army..

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WWRP aka World War Robot Portable

- is approximately 1/12 scale (around half the size of existing 1/6-Berties / Brambles).

- Both Brambleton and Bertie The Pipebot are apart the WWRP-range.

- will possess articulation (except for legs)..

- Ashley mentions on the 3A-Forum: "all different colors and variations.. its exciting to me.. build the dirty deeds squad with Nom commanding... infact that would make a crazy set...." - would that mean it would be more than just mechas? And that there'll be action figurines? (aka Nom).

- An exclusive WWRP Bertie or Bramble variant will be included in the 3A-Associates membership. Models #0 and 00 - being the start of the WWRP-line and available no where else.

WWRS aka World War Robot Strategy

- is 1/35 scale (Military model / Hobby scale)

- Line will include vehicles, "battle damaged bots, "crazy" variations."

- To be available in sets and different variations.