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trexi series 03

Dec 02, 2006 @ 04:36

Finally, we have selected all the designs for trexi series 03. There are a total of 25 designs in this series with 5 rare ones (1/50) and 2 super rare ones (1/100).

The series is targeted for release in Feb/Mar 2007.

I hope you like the designs in this series as it was selected by a judging panel that consisted of designers, media representatives, trexi distributors & retailers, trexi collectors and PI.

One last thing: we are very honored to have Mr Jeremyville design the exclusive packaging for this series which I believe will appeal to all.

Thanks again for those who has participated in the design submission.

Dec 04, 2006 @ 19:53
The art on the Trexi's are sweet! But Trexi's suck, i got rid of all my series 1 & 2.
Dec 07, 2006 @ 22:35
i dont any trexi's...is it a quality issue or what that you dont like?? cause this new series is making me consider getting some.
Dec 12, 2006 @ 19:04
it's the quality and shape of the figure, but the artist designs are amazing on series 3
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