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Street Wear Clothing Line Design ***Thoughts Needed***

Sep 16, 2013 @ 01:46
*****PRO TO TYPE*** 

Thinking of releasing a graphic tee to kick off a Chicago/ATL based clothing line called Brinkleberg. The focus is premimum street wear from, shirts to pants, jackets, etc, etc. The target crowd is not only skaters but many urban clothing enthusiasts. For the first shirt we wanted to send a messege and also be a little bold. "Desperate times desperate measures" is more of a "fight to see another day" theme, basically just getting shit done. The image has yet to be touched up (yet) and still going over re-visions for font and photo alteration. Any thoughts? Also would you wear if this tee shirt dropped? All the gear we drop will not just be graphic or as bold but it was a good idea for a shirt to me. Anybody that reads this can you please answer 3 questions?

1. Thoughts, suggestions?
2. Would you buy?
3. What would you expect in the future from the brand?


Brinkleberg Clothing

Sep 16, 2013 @ 01:50
how do you upload photo???????

Brinkleberg Clothing

Sep 28, 2013 @ 04:33
photobucket then umm click the image button then paste the direct thing

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Oct 23, 2013 @ 21:02
premium streetwear should have a premium message.  "Desperate times desperate measures" and "fight to see another day" makes me think of low brow fight club tanks and shit


Oct 28, 2013 @ 09:57
cant really see anything 
Oct 28, 2013 @ 12:47
yes where can I buy
Oct 29, 2013 @ 02:36
stop the graphics. lookin into cut & sewns. daring ideas like that make you a gawwwwd in "premium streetwear"

so relaxed

Oct 29, 2013 @ 03:14
stop the graphics. lookin into cut & sewns. daring ideas like that make you a gawwwwd in "premium streetwear"
Starting off in a brand, you're going to want to go with simple graphics thrown onto a shirt/hoodie. Mainly because you won't have the money to throw yourself directly into cuts. Once they get deeper into their line, sure, go ahead and cut and sew your own designs. Jumping into that at the start of your brand isn't a very smart idea unless you have the money to do so, and the proper designs in order to make profit.
Oct 29, 2013 @ 14:26
Graphics is the foundation really if you think about it, it helps get your name across and give people a artistic representation of your over brand aesthetic. Then once you build a fan base you develop into bigger/better quality pieces such as cut and sewn.
kinda like graffiti, all writers need to start with tagging to spread your name and learn the foundation and build rep then move onto bigger pieces.

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Oct 30, 2013 @ 00:37
I'd say do more research you have a target market but look into other demographics like money for starters. How much does the target market make, relate that to how much to charge for pieces. Also, do surveys, interview other brands and stores to see what sells , look at competition and make yourself stand out from that. Also, investigate colors, what do people wear the most in shirts hats etc. like someone else said start simple and worry more about brand awareness than making too many designs get a few solid pieces and test it from there. 

I'm in the business of making businesses succeed so I have a little experience in these things.


Nov 10, 2013 @ 21:50
When you say "premium". BTW I hate this damn word. Why is your brand premium? What fabric are you going to use for t-shirts? Is your denim going to be imported from Japan? Will jackets be made with tech-fabrics, are you using the next age of screen printing technology, etc? These types of questions to me, is what a premium street, or any brand is. It separates cheap-but-nice wholesale (street) brands from decent or good cut&sewn ones who dabble a little in wholesale products.

This phrase doesn't relate to me 100% , but i understand it. i think other dudes would understand it. But what matters is how you present it. I can not give you an opinion of what I expect in the future without seeing: 1. company logo/word mark & 2. company advertisements and look books of models wearing them.

Getting customers and fans to spend money can be a very hard thing to do in the fashion industry. I hope you plan everything before doing any large scale launching. Best of luck!

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