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Jan 23, 2013 @ 22:16
Hey guys, just looking for some honest answers or at least informative comments that can point me in the right direction.

The project(if you even want to really call it that):
I designed 2 images to go on a coaches jacket. 1 image for the back, the other for the front left chest on the front of the jacket. I want the image on the back to cover approximately half to 3/4 of the whole back of the jacket. The image on the front is only about 4-4.5 inches in diameter. It's all just a single color(white) and the image is basically just an outline of something I drew. The images have already been scanned and cleaned up for any little dots or unwanted marks on the multimedia paper I drew it on.

This is my current situation:
I'm not trying to start an apparel company or anything in those lines, I literally just wanted to make this, but I wanted to make them LAST as far as quality and look. I am just looking to have this done on 2 jackets(that I already have in my possession). 1 maroon, the other is deep forest. The image is just in white outline(as I mentioned). I've already walked into 4-5 shops that are local to me in Canoga Park, CA. As expected, some only wanted to do a minimum quantity of a high volume. The latest place I stepped into, did custom silk screen printing and could NOT guarantee me that the image would not crack if the nylon jackets were to be stretched in any way. I even asked how I could properly care for them and they couldn't give me a solid answer, nor would they grant me any guarantees about their craftsmanship. I literally got a, "well I can't stand by my word on how well the image will continue to look on your jackets, but put it this way: you can trust us, because we obviously do this for a living". I'm sorry, but that doesn't exactly exude any confidence imo. They also wanted to charge me $55 for each jacket. I am willing to pay that price if I am 100% certain that the quality of the job merits it. In their case, they seemed totally uninterested(which I can understand to a certain degree), but also didn't seem like they really cared about their craft.

Anyhow, can anyone please shoot me some advice in how I should or could go about this dilemma? Trust me, I wouldn't be bugging anyone here if I hadn't already tried researching myself. I've walked into some local shops and googled my ass off. So far, I've had mixed information about how "heat pressing would be the best and rainproof way to go on nylon" and at the same time hear/read, "plastisol or screen printing is the best method for nylon". So needless to say, I just feel like I'm in a tailspin of mixed information and shops that just want to snag a little quick change from me. ANY HELP would be appreciated. Thanks in advance everybody. And feel free to ask me any questions in case I've left out any details.
Feb 07, 2013 @ 20:25
@brilyent THANK YOU SO MUCH for clearing up the best method in printing on the coaches jacket! I seriously appreciate it, because as I mentioned, all the mixed info was just making my head spin lol. I know you said you were unsure about shops willing to take on such an incredibly low quantity of work. But are there any and I mean ANY suggestions at all that you can shoot me as to what kind of shops I should even try? How I should go about searching? Any keywords I should be looking for online? I'm willing to pay up to $50-$75 for each jacket to be done, but at which point do you think I'd be blatantly being ripped off? What kind of questions should I ask in order to gauge the type of craftsmanship a shop is capable or incapable of doing? Sorry, as you can see: I have absolutely no experience in this particular field lol...
Feb 19, 2013 @ 05:34
You can use Plastisol transfers additives on Nylon coaches jackets.Without these additives the ink won't stick on cloth.
Mar 14, 2013 @ 00:15
You can use Plastisol transfers additives on Nylon coaches jackets.Without these additives the ink won't stick on cloth.

Would the plastisol transfer additives also add a waterproof element to the print?
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