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My 1st design

Jul 26, 2012 @ 20:24

Hello guys, this is my first post on Hypebeast and I just wanted to post my first design I've ever finished. Even though this template does not show the final product i would like to say that I'm planning on adding zippers on the back (shadowing the collar bone).

Let me know what y'all think.

Thank you.
Jul 27, 2012 @ 01:49
im not sure how i feel ?), i feel like ive seen this before. maybe show the back side cuz description is odd, like why zippers?

The fried is box; the box is fried.

Jul 27, 2012 @ 03:05
For example the Balmain jackets have zippers on sides. Kinda like those. I just wanna add as much detail as possible.
Jul 27, 2012 @ 22:42
I feel like this has been done before.....

Is too simple, nevertheless a good design but a new design i dont think so....


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Aug 16, 2012 @ 16:25
Get it done on the sleeves instead without the row. Hella tighter.
Oct 12, 2012 @ 18:49
nah bro
Mar 25, 2013 @ 04:36
Better than a lot of the designs I've seen.
Mar 25, 2013 @ 11:10
think i've seen something like that before.

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Mar 26, 2013 @ 07:23
Mar 27, 2013 @ 20:44
you should give it some real world testing, especially on the idea of adding zippers and what nots. 

if you don't know how to sew its either a good time to invest in a small machine yourself or find someone local who can do stuff for you (aka a cousin or friend of friend who can sew). putting some of the zany ideas into practice can lead you to either more practical means of meeting your goal, or can spin you off into a better idea. 


Mar 30, 2013 @ 18:54
Common Connect and JVP Melbourne both have similar designs. Good design, just not necessarily unique. Good start though. Try some other repeating pattern. 

Mar 30, 2013 @ 18:54
Just noticed you beat me to it haha.

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