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Anyone collect Anime figures??

Sep 29, 2006 @ 23:00
wutup pplz, ok so im not into collecting all the vynils and kid robots dat go for 500 dollars for a keychain, but i am into buying anime figures, mostly AKIRA figures,

i have TETSUO, KANEDA, JOKER, AKIRA ON THRONE, mini gashopon tetsuo, RYOKO from tenchi SPAWN

anyone here collect anime figures?? they make some really really good one ya know. and inexpensive unlike kid robot!
Sep 30, 2006 @ 03:12
ooooooooooooooo 'k' then..
Sep 30, 2006 @ 13:09
i collect gundams. and gundam pilot figures =)
Oct 01, 2006 @ 01:45
i always wanted my own Gundam, but settled for helping my godbrother build his.

<---one of the poor kids
Oct 01, 2006 @ 07:10
i have all the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz 1/100 models... unfortunately i never had the time to build them smh i also have the FF:Advent Children figures... sephiroth is badass, but cloud has to be the best of the set since he comes with that detailed motorcycle blushing
Oct 01, 2006 @ 10:26
aww man. that sucks ray. they arent that expensive. maybe i could hook you up?


i go for gundam seed, gundam seed destiny, and gundam seed stargazer models
ive got some FF ones too
the CLoud one is the shietttttttt
Oct 01, 2006 @ 14:12
Yeah I got a few gundam models. Freedom Gundam master grade is probably my best one.
Oct 04, 2006 @ 10:30
Are you talking about the McFarlane toy's Akira figures? I've got a few of them, Tetsuo, his bike, and the Clown Gang leader.
Oct 10, 2006 @ 23:58
yeah the mcfarlanes, i got 6 of dem jumpoffs
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