The Official Samurai Denim and Apparel Thread

Jan 17, 2015 @ 22:22
60 wears and 2 soaks. 

Feb 14, 2015 @ 11:29
I moved to Japan for work last year...I was walking around the streets of Kyoto and stumbled upon their shop. Really awesome staff, and a really cool little place. I was set on buying some Momotaro's before I left Japan, but after checking out Samurai in person, I'm definitely grabbing a pair at the end of the month.
Feb 15, 2015 @ 03:25
Hey guys I bought a pair of sam's at the begining of Janurary from blue in green but they turned out being too small in the thigh after I soaked em. Ive got them on Ebay now. If you are looking for a pair check em out. they retail for 350$ but Ive got the bidding started at 150. Ive only worn them off and on for two weeks before I realized they werent going to fit.
May 25, 2015 @ 22:16

21oz to freedom

May 30, 2015 @ 01:40
24oz S710xx will be copped in the fall smokeyface

Nike Flyknit Lunar Size 9.5 Wolf Gray for sale. PM me.

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