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I love my new RRL jeans!

Jul 13, 2009 @ 20:13

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Jul 13, 2009 @ 20:14
yup ^ dem be cheez
Jul 14, 2009 @ 08:34
Damn I wish there was somewhere to buy these online.

I can't find those in Belgium.

eBay is your best bet or have someone proxy you a pair from the US.

I'm still trying to find a Marshalls or TJ Maxx around here that's stocking them again. Apparently they've been popping up at those locations again in the US. I have no idea why I sold my straight leg pair last year...should have keep them!

GUIDE/usa www.guideusa.net

Jul 14, 2009 @ 14:30
Edit: nevermind
Jul 15, 2009 @ 23:28
not feeling fit pics...

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Jul 16, 2009 @ 18:04
Oh thanks for your input man

Wait, who are you again?
Jul 16, 2009 @ 20:02
Those are not RRL jeans...
THose are Polo jeans and not RRL. RRL are selvedge jeans made of Japanese denim and cost a couple of hundred dollars more. Totally different product.
Jul 16, 2009 @ 20:11
^ I hate to break it to you, but your wrong. These jeans are the selvedge ones made of expensive japanese denim. There was one pair posted in here that was polo,maybe your referring to those, but the rest are RRL.
Some people, such as myself, have just gotten lucky and have found them for cheaper prices at discount stores
Jul 16, 2009 @ 21:47
Just copped, dont know if there RRL but there Ralph Lauren Rugby or sumthin

Jul 17, 2009 @ 01:11
Nope. Not RRL. Still higher up on the RL chain than regular Polo, though. I think those Rugby's are one below RRL if I remember correctly.
Jul 17, 2009 @ 01:21
^yup that is correct. Regardless they should age well. Even the regular raw polo denim ages well from what i have seen.
Jul 17, 2009 @ 01:21
Aight, thanks for the info

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Jul 17, 2009 @ 10:05
not really one below RRL, especially the OOOOOOLLLLLD OLLLLLD RRL with the 5ep designer on board
but they should do you just fine, like jcr said even raw prl ages pretty nicely...
Jul 17, 2009 @ 13:47
Originally posted by Inactive User
Just copped, dont know if there RRL but there Ralph Lauren Rugby or sumthin

post fit pics
Jul 17, 2009 @ 20:42

These are dope! What fit are these, got about the same body type.. been looking for a fit like those!

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Jul 17, 2009 @ 22:04
i think cheez wore the raw slims
Jul 17, 2009 @ 22:37
those look like raw slims
Jul 17, 2009 @ 22:38
anybody want a pair of white rrl slims sz33x34?

Self Edge x Real Blue Japan 103BSP sz.34x37 NEW WITH TAGS http://hypebeast.com/forums/apparel/198628

Jul 17, 2009 @ 23:11
How do you size on the slims, TTS?

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Jul 18, 2009 @ 08:44
down one because they run bigger and will stretch

ie: tagged 32 is 33 but will stretch to 34 or 35 maybe
but I went TTS on my straights, and I grew pretty easily into them...so its whatever
Jul 18, 2009 @ 16:04
RRL Slims smokeyface

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Jul 21, 2009 @ 11:30
oopsies, you kawped da slims
Jul 21, 2009 @ 22:40
DJ Ant how much did you size down for your Slim's?
Jul 21, 2009 @ 23:49
Originally posted by Inactive User
RRL Slims smokeyface

youre hot!
Jul 25, 2009 @ 04:16
i want me some of those brown RRL's. where to cawp?
Jul 25, 2009 @ 15:21
Originally posted by Inactive User
DJ Ant how much did you size down for your Slim's?

All pairs have different measurements so check em before you buy. I got 28x32.
Jul 26, 2009 @ 17:31
Anyone know where to buy in Toronto? Maybe it in the Polo outlets in Niagara Falls or Buffalo?
Jul 28, 2009 @ 17:40
those are hella nice ant. coulda ya post a fit pic? blushing
Jul 30, 2009 @ 00:51
any polo outlets near vegas / on the way to vegas from orange county that have rrl's in stock?
Jul 30, 2009 @ 09:40
i like the RRL straight legs.
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