hype cog


Mar 06, 2013 @ 16:39
Just copped the Momotaro Japan Blues from Mildblend in Chicago... Anybody else have a pair??? 

Super DOPE. 36" inseams, meaning they're extra fucking long. From what I hear, these are some of the OG raw ppl from the East. Chime in if you've copped or know about this historic brand.
Mar 06, 2013 @ 19:06
Mar 07, 2013 @ 00:46
Theres already a Momo thread and you need to delete your post, not trying to be mean but you sound like an idiot
Mar 07, 2013 @ 07:24
Are you serious?!?! 36" inseams?!?!?! THAT'S FUCKING INSANE.
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