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Official Goodfoot/Nomad/Ransom thread.

Sep 24, 2007 @ 14:32
Originally posted by Inactive User
You got to be kidding me...a whole box of Stussy tees, the sale was pretty dope! For the guys in Van, I think Raymond was working in the store, cool guy, helped me out.

No not Kidding , there was NOTHING on sale for 70% off at GDFT.
Ransom on the other hand , had a ton of sale items. Stussy tees for like
$12 ..............

Sep 24, 2007 @ 15:32
^^dude, you're being mad picky


Honestly, just wanted to come in and give my thanks. This weekend was bar none the BEST service i've ever gotten at Nomad and Ransom.
I don't go there often enough to know the people there well enough, but really, was fantastic service.

Inactive User

Sep 24, 2007 @ 16:17
ya nomad was bomb, picked up a ton of supreme gear, just kind of disapointed with their weak selection. Hope their next shipment will have more stock
Sep 24, 2007 @ 18:34
Picked up the purple supreme flannel and rocked it to work the nomad line...smh

Inactive User

Sep 24, 2007 @ 18:46
I saw you at nomad, do you work there? or did you have some sort of connection to get the flannel?
Sep 24, 2007 @ 18:50

he's been a loyal customer for 3+ years
membership has it's privileges lol
Sep 24, 2007 @ 19:16

he's been a loyal customer for 3+ years
membership has it's privileges lol

lol, true friends and family.
Sep 25, 2007 @ 20:44
fuck....didn't go.

maybe fraser will hook it up...he usually does anyways. i'd like a couple 12 dollar stussy tees.
Sep 25, 2007 @ 23:38
First 2 deliveries of ransom line showed up this week. full photo shoot/feature coming soon. keep your eyes peeled...production versions look good.

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Sep 26, 2007 @ 02:33
Yo, can anyone in Toronto help me out and cop a 7 5/8 Aqua Sharks New Era for me??? The one at Ransom. I can paypal you the money plus a little extra for your help. Lemme know.

San Jose born and raised!!!

Sep 26, 2007 @ 12:23
when is Ransom opening again?
I assume it's not this week?

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Sep 26, 2007 @ 12:44
Ace is there any new fitted caps comming soon?
Sep 27, 2007 @ 17:35
Does Nomad carry Supreme Caps?
Sep 27, 2007 @ 22:05
Is goodfoot/nomad/ransom going to be getting the fragment x converse?
Sep 27, 2007 @ 22:57
Does Nomad carry Supreme Caps?

They do, but they usually go quick as well.
Sep 27, 2007 @ 23:03
dose good foot vancouver get MF DOOM yet?
Sep 27, 2007 @ 23:08
Its ridiculous how "hyped" up Supreme is. The Tera Patrick tee, $38 bucks from SupremeNewYork, is sold out already. Now, they're going on ebay for almost $70. I wonder how stocked the Supreme Store in New York normally is.
Sep 28, 2007 @ 10:39
I wonder how stocked the Supreme Store in New York normally is.

Depends on when you go, but in general: not very.

There's always a line when new stuff drops, so the hyped stuff is gone immediately. The rest slowly goes over the next few days/week. They do re-stock from time to time as well though.

When I was there in the summer, pretty much all Supreme tee's were non-existant except for a couple on the sale rack. Not a single fitted in my size, though quite a few larger sizes (no box caps or logo caps though).
If you were going to go to NY and Supreme was a priority for you; plan you timing wisely or else you could very well be out of luck. It's not unlike the Supreme situation at Nomad even at the Supreme store itself.
Sep 28, 2007 @ 22:43
backpacks are usually there
Sep 29, 2007 @ 21:24
any new fitteds droppin at ransom any time soon? whats up with mlb licensing??
Sep 30, 2007 @ 16:02
new goodfoot parka hoodies are in
Sep 30, 2007 @ 18:59
know if goodfoot is going to carry the Takashi 2's and the Miami's when they release? Does the email news letter tell you upcoming releases?
Sep 30, 2007 @ 20:10
edit: website has an update. i guess the person who usually does that awoke from their coma.


it was a fucking buzzkill the other day when i was copping $12 tees (la carrera and hufXdqm bowery...12 bucks? incredible...) and you were about to show me the m65....and fraser said "no".

lol...he surprised me with that.
Sep 30, 2007 @ 20:34
new gdft hoodies are that piff in person
Sep 30, 2007 @ 20:38
^^^ well tell me this...

i checked on the website...and i was feeling the grey and white with the classic G' logo and Goodfoot Canada on the back...

but are the ones with like the GDFT on the back, is the lettering made out of that ish they use on varsity jackets?

i guess I'll just have to go see, copping regardless.
Sep 30, 2007 @ 20:52
no, its like nylon patch or stitching or some shit, not leather and not wool...
Oct 01, 2007 @ 08:51
i noticed there hasn't really been any new releases at gdfoot. thats why the site hasn';t been consistently updated... just recently with the new gdfoot tees/hoodies.
Oct 01, 2007 @ 15:17
any new fitteds droppin at ransom any time soon? whats up with mlb licensing??

Oct 01, 2007 @ 16:55
There are new fitteds pretty much every week at ransom. Most recently, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings, and Detroit Red Wings.

Tons coming in the next couple weeks though...you should have already seen the teasers on strictly fitteds.
Oct 01, 2007 @ 18:36
ace, is there a set date on ransom's opening?
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