3K Battery is a flagship brand from leading Thai Battery
manufacturer / supplier - the Gama Universal Group. For decades, we have
allowed countless equipment, including cars, to function smoothly and properly.
Years of research and development have produced some of the most resilient
power supply units. Our lead acid battery system, ranging from automotive
batteries to solar batteries - provides long lasting power at reasonable cost
with high output efficiency. Our 3K Auto batteries not only provide premium
starting power to your car engine, but also aid in operation of head lamps,
stereo units, heaters and air conditioners. With our maintenance free (SMF)
battery we have launched a new chapter in our battery production, producing an
auto battery range that is easy to use, long lasting and hassle free.  With all our 3K battery range, you can rest
assured of premium performance and function, with rigorous quality testing to
ensure that you get only the best out of your unit.

For reasonable cost with high output efficiency battery
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