i drive an 04 MZD3 s now, but i agree i do not want another front wheel drive car. i test drove a 2010 mazdaspeed 3 yesterday and the oversteer when the turbo kicked in turned me off. considering that i could have walked out the door with for 22.9k with the tech package i almost took it home.

i definite threw the 1 series out the window. my hoping for more m type performance was way off. test drove one of those yesterday too.

my subaru dealer hasnt gotten any wrx in yet but i did test drive the legacy 2.5gt. i was very surprised by how much i really enjoyed it and am seriously considering it.

i have driven an rx-8 an exgirlfriend had/has one. i completely agree with you, its a panty melting super sexy ride. it cuts through traffic like a hot knife in butter. but its too costly to maintain and repair the rotary engine. and it just doesnt have the power other cars in its class provide.

the car after my next car will probably be a bimmer. maybe a 6 series but who knows what they will have out by then. so ive just taken them off the table for now.

today im going to mitsubishi to test drive an evo mr.

wait what?blushing

The leggy is alot more refined than anything in the impreza line-up. No love for the Mazda 6?