At first, many people most likely would not believe that Asics' Onitsuka Tiger woods Greatest 81s would make a fantastic parkour sneaker. However, they have become a very well liked, respected option within the parkour local community. At each large jam, there is a good chance involving viewing a minimum of somebody sporting a pair. If you demand a parkour sneaker recommendation in virtually any forum or perhaps site, these are certain to show up one of several recommendations. And doing this compliment isn't undeserved.

As a parkour sneaker, the Onitsuka Tiger woods Supreme 81s haven't any genuine weakness. They're not the very best at anybody thing; they aren't your grippiest, large, or nearly all vulnerable shoe. However, Asics has established a general product or service more than the sum their components, and something of the finest parkour footwear in the marketplace.

Read the rest of the evaluate to learn precisely why.

Comfort and ease

The fit of the Ultimate 81s is rather snug. We've seen these people identified as slipper just like, which I consider provides a number of value. Overall, they are quite cozy and that i don't have any problems. They certainly try taking some while to get rid of throughout though and the posture support is not everyone's favored Your feet area will be fine mesh and also let's air pass perfectly (take note: there is also a non-mesh edition obtainable) If you have a really wide base, these could be too small for you personally, while they operate somewhat around the narrow side.

Flexibility Per Level of responsiveness

The supreme 81s use a skinny only, at the very least compared to conventional running shoes. I've found your sensitivity being great, however every person will have a diverse view. These shoes reach a great equilibrium in between extremely simple shoes or boots as well as typical jogging shoes. When you won't be able to move these comfortable shoes upwards or retract all of them by 50 % as with some Vibrams as well as Feyiues, they may be adaptable inside the places that they have to always be, specially the bottom area. From your core sneaker to the back heel is much stiffer.

Shock absorption

In case you are used to well-padded running sneakers, having less shock absorption in the Monsters will probably be spectacular. The actual extra padding is just not wonderful and also this ought to be pretty evident coming from simply looking their way Even though this is actually a selling feature for several seasoned traceurs, if you are searching wiped out . defense along with shock reduction, than these are certainly not the sneakers in your case. The actual relatively minimum cushioning makes them a fantastic alternative if you want to try a much more smart boot, but are not willing to try something similar to Feyiues.

Note: Your walk fit shoe inserts are glued in to the shoe.


To get a men's size Nine(People), your Lions appear in from 11 oz .. Individually, they are a good deal light when compared with this whenever wearing them even though. I believe this might are locked up in their tight suit. In comparison to every thing however light-weight running sneakers, they're able to hardly be regarded as large. You can actually overlook that you're actually wearing them.

Like you desire with an above average parkour footwear, the only in the Competition is totally flat the other continuous bit. There aren't any plastic material parts that may cause you to slip as well as individual sections that will swindle. Check your grip is detrimental sufficient that it will markedly enhance efficiency, but it's sound. And proper grip is great throughout a multitude of floors. The particular routine that you see above may wear down quite a bit, nevertheless the grasp performance is still excellent even while it will.


The Ultimate 81's are definitely well-crafted. In reality, they are deceptively tough. I didn't expect these to previous extended whatsoever and also have been recently pleasantly surprised. I have had numerous sets right now both for parkour and laid-back use and i also can't professionally point out any specific flaw. However, some get described how the capable bottom region can get cry.


If you're looking to get a incredibly nicely balanced, cost-effective, parkour shoe hovering perfectly into a a lot more minimalist fashion, Asics Onitsuka Wagering action Supreme 81s are an excellent choice. Their low cost compared to more advanced running sneakers and excellent sturdiness means they are excellent value for money.

Individually, I am a enthusiast of the appearances too, the industry nice bonus when compared with all kinds of other parkour footwear. These come in a bunch of different shades (click this link to see the colors) and are something may use if you are not really doing parkour ASICS Australia.