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Australian Websites

Oct 15, 2007 @ 00:17
Anybody know of any reliable websites carying streetwear labels in Australia apart from www.ebay.com.au and www.yesdiggity.com

Oct 15, 2007 @ 06:51
ummm go on to sneakerfreaker.com and go to shop section and go to australia theres a fair few

umm soleprovider.com

let me knw if u find any its pretty hard huh?)tongueface
Oct 15, 2007 @ 19:55
ok thnx.......yer its hard cause streetwear aint big here but i kinda like it like that, cause you dont see people wearing your shit and people dnt know what brand your wearing. My mates always ask me 'whered you get that sick shirt from' and i never tell em hahahahasmokeyface
Oct 16, 2007 @ 05:37
Oct 16, 2007 @ 06:50
damn thats an awsum site there crooks is cheap!
Oct 17, 2007 @ 07:44
thnx rick thats a sick site....anybody else?
Nov 04, 2007 @ 23:32
Hey DefJef, we are releasing our new street range soon, pics can be seen on Up and coming new labels, on page 3 now started by Thizz. Check out our new gear and im sure you will like what we have to offer. Stockists soon and Stussy Indonesia is stocking it in their stores. Message me for anymore details. Thanks.
Nov 07, 2007 @ 09:10
from Melbourne Australia
Dec 20, 2007 @ 05:23
Highly recommend Freshin, kool gear run by kool people. Was in the shop last week and they have a great feel about them, with great gear as well!!
Dec 20, 2007 @ 21:59
I definitely recommend FreshIn.
I've known Nick since the shop opened last year and they're a great bunch of people to hang around with.

Also try the guys at [anblinkyeyesther]" (www.anotherinch.com). Hit them up with a email fo the gear u see on their site since they do mail orders. Ritchie and co. are the shit.....best bunch of people (or sh*tcunts) in Sydney!
Dec 22, 2007 @ 19:35
Met with Ritchie when I was in Sydney as well, kool shop and great vibe. Ritchie had some sweet ass double hang over so a little quite on the day, but dude his head must of been playin the drumsblushing Great Store!!
Dec 22, 2007 @ 20:45
Met with Ritchie when I was in Sydney as well, kool shop and great vibe. Ritchie had some sweet ass double hang over so a little quite on the day, but dude his head must of been playin the drumsblushing Great Store!!

him and the what we call 'burton street bandits' are like that 24/7, but if you get to know him better, he could actually be pretty nice and quiet as well espically the day after a big night out where he'll just sit there so quiet u're wondering wotz going on coz he's not his normal self.....
Dec 23, 2007 @ 18:02
Yeh for sure, man I could see he was hurting and I had organised a showing with him, so he was trying real hard!! Nice guy, even with a volcano of a headacheblushing Burton St was sweet with Footage, Supply and Fresh In, then Espionage just around the corner. GREAT SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 2007 @ 20:14
^ you missed Our Spot in that list! It's on Liverpool Street, just a block down from where [anblinkyeyesther]" is. And I wouldn't put Footage in that list of stores as well - they piss everyone off....they dont even get along with locals like us...
Dec 24, 2007 @ 01:44
^ you missed Our Spot in that list! It's on Liverpool Street, just a block down from where [anblinkyeyesther]" is. And I wouldn't put Footage in that list of stores as well - they piss everyone off....they dont even get along with locals like us...

whenever i walk into footage i always feel like im interupting shit
awkward as fuck
Dec 24, 2007 @ 05:38
Originally posted by Inactive User
^ Iori, you serious about Footage??? I guess things have changed quite a bit since when i was in Sydney then...

Serious...they dont get along with people anymore and the store got egged about 3 times in the past 2 years. Like the groups from Outre Gallery, China Heights, [anblinkyeyesther]", Supply, Our Spot and occasionally Espionage would mix together and have dinner gatherings or bike cruises but Footage?.....We never invite them and no one wants to invite them.

It's a long story....we're okay with Phil, but Karin is where all the trouble starts.

whenever i walk into footage i always feel like im interupting shit
awkward as fuck

Thats why no one goes in there anymore except for the randoms and rich Asian kids decked out in Bape.
Jan 19, 2008 @ 20:47
lolll ^^ so true.. all the people i c in there are little spoilt asian kids in fake shit.. espionage is good.. good service good shoes good everything
Jan 19, 2008 @ 22:25
lolll ^^ so true.. all the people i c in there are little spoilt asian kids in fake shit.. espionage is good.. good service good shoes good everything

well not all of those asian kids are decked on in Fape. Most of them rocks real Bape but then it's the minority group of stupid hypebeasts and most of the general public who ain't schooled on this kind of stuff like we do rocks the fake stuff...

espionage....I wouldn't say they have good shoes but they do have a decent range. I wouldn't say their service is good and infact, quite the opposite. Went in there once, looked around for a few minutes but no one was there to serve me since I wanted to cop something. But props out to B2 for stocking some good stuff like Stapledesign...we need more of that in Sydney.
Jan 20, 2008 @ 03:07
u guys serious?

everytime ive been to footage the people working have been trill and known there stuff and been down for a chat. That guy from another is a champ though the first time i went in there he was battered and cut up and started telling me about he got smashed and decided to tackle bins ?)blushing

I've had mixed experiences with espionage though first time service and knowledge was awesome, but next time the guy was pretty thick and either didnt understand me or just didnt know his stuff.

but Supply can get fuckd its wack. i once went in there and there were 2 dudes working and they were talking... they didnt even acknowledge me or anything and anyway $130 for a mediocre fucking supreme/orginial fake shirt??? gtfo here

just my experiences anyway

Darlinghurst is great though&)&)&)
Jan 20, 2008 @ 11:30
^^ Well it's depending on who's at Footage on the day - if it's the causal staffs, then they can be pretty good for a chat, so does Phil, the owner of the joint. BUT...if it happens to be Karin opening the shop, then dont bother go in unless u know you're gonna buy something coz she HATES people walking in and walking out without dropping some cash in there.

[anblinkyeyesther]".....ha....Ritchie is alwayz cut up and battered on any given day. Trust me, I hang out with him and his boys for 2 years now and I know what strange things the bandits can do, and tackling the bin just scratches the surface. Whenever you see him sober, go get yourself a lottery ticket coz it's probably your lucky day.

With Espionage, it just comes down what people does the boss hire. I bet you 90% of those staff in there only knows what Bape and Neighborhood is and wouldn't give a rat's ass abt what brand is Crooks n Castles, or who runs Stapledesign or what the concept behind KIKS TYO is besides knowing there's a chick in a bikini (Aki Hoshino) holding some shoes on the front of a t-shirt...and hiring overseas students who cant speak english is definitely a no-no. B2 really need to pick his game up in this part....hire me would be a good starting point *hint hint*

And Supply...ahaha....I cant believe someone's calling them out for bad service coz on a average day they are pretty decent. Jason (the current store manager) used to work in SP1 so he surely would know how to greet and serve a customer. But no matter how fuckd it is, Shawn and Supply has been holding it down for Sydney (along with Someday in Melbourne) for the past few years on the global stage so you have to give props to these guys. $79 for a Supreme and $120 for a Original Fake tee is pretty much the entry point for the stuff in Supply....you gotta pay up if you want the good stuff but if you think it's absurd, then it's probably not the right place for you.

Since we're talking about all the shops in Sydney....i'll include the following as well....

SP1 used to be my favourite shop in Sydney (along with Supply and [anblinkyeyesther]"), but it has been in a downward spiral since mid-07'. Lack of interesting releases (clothing and sneaker wise), hiring staff that knows nothing and worse of all, some of my mates have left the place as well! Oh well, I guess we'll all have to treasure the memories of all the Nike/HTM/Stussy launch parties since it may not going to happen again.

General Pants. The fashion supermarket which pretty much can change it's name to 'stevie fashion wearhouse'. I cant wear a single thing they sell in store...either the cutting is too tight or the colours are too bright. Who would wanna wear bright fluro pink t-shirts besides Corey Worthington?
Jan 21, 2008 @ 17:58
When the sussex st Espionage opened, there were a lot of friendly staff there. I mean..sure, they were just pretty faces that really had no idea what they're talkin about but hey they tried.

It seems nowadays everytime I walk in there I just feel like I'm getting harassed by international students with poor english and wind up mumbling to me non stop. I guess it can't be helped, the shop seemingly caters to the more Chinese clientele I'm sure they get a lot of. They do in fact sell crooks there, but it's tucked away on one of their miscellaneous obscurity shelves. I wonder if they realise how dope of a label it actually is.

I have to say though, I can't blame them for not representing kiks tyo past Hoshino Aki. Have you seen the other stuff they make? It's pretty weak, they should've just remade the label to "Hot T-shirts of Hoshino Aki in Bikinis - sports sneakers too!".

As for SP1-2-3, I still think it's one of the better street fashion shops out there. It just makes me shudder a little seeing stussy fluro paint hotpants for men on there - I really didn't want to know that stussy made that stuff....

PS - the chick that works in the galleries SP is quite hot.


Jan 21, 2008 @ 20:53
yeh sp1/3 are pretty dope

maybe ill give supply another shot, probably caught them on a bad day?)

general pants is awesome but u do need to sort through a lot of fluro garbage they have the best jeans there also

do u guys like nitrogen?? there stuff is ok, fairly mediocre ive found that the staff there are probably the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff ive come across and they occassionally get some really dope shit
Jan 21, 2008 @ 22:00
I've seen the other stuff KIKS TYO does, and if you're really deep into the sneaker thing with knowledge on some of the more historical stuff back in the 80's and early 90's, then you would certainly dont think it is weak. I think all the Aki Hoshino tees are there to fund the KIKS TYO guys to do the other prints....even though im not a suporter of the brand but I just hate the fact people only see KIKS TYO as 'the brand with the bikini girl on the front with sneakers hanging off her boobs'. It just proves how people can be so shallow in our sub-culture...just plainly following hype and buy wot other think is good.

SP1/2/3, they're used to better than what they are now...and i means HEAPS better. I've been visiting there since day 1 and some of the stuff they stock are used to be NUTS. But ever since they lost the Nike Tier 0 account I havent been going in that much frequently....i ain't into Undefeated (you see how many wack heads wear it and thinking they are the new shit in town? ), nor general releases from Stussy...I only go in to visit friends and thats it.

Nitrogen? I wouldn't even give that store a second glance.

P.S Replicant, which chick in SP1 is hot and what does she look like? Asian? Works only on weekends? If so, I know her and I got her number LOL
Jan 21, 2008 @ 22:44
I really dug on Tsubis at first, but the label has gone absolutely nowhere. Same old designs, same old ridiculous price (glad I got mine 2for1 price at the bondi sale). I still respect the label, but I haven't so much as given it much of a second thought for years. Apart from that what other jeans do they sell at GP? Edwins? Nudees?
I'm kinda hooked on Artful Dodger and Evisu - a year in Japan does that to ya.

You've got me there on that one, I have to admit I've only been really into the street fashion scene for 4 or so years (was quite the square prior). I'll admit straightup that I only really knew about kiks from Hoshino Aki. I've seen their other stuff a gridiron player, tweety, a bronx photo with graff (I think this one was really rare - I snagged it with their christmas box, haven't really seen it anywhere else) and I just had to say that from a purely aesthetic and passing point of view Hoshino Aki makes the label a lot more appealing to the not so well informed - which would be me.

Co-sign on UNDFTD though. It's a decent enough label, but they charge mad retarded prices for really plain gear. And yeah, dudes wearing matching undftd trackies and sweats really need to get a clue.

I've been following stussy ever since their 25th anniversary gear - because quite frankly that was some of the coolest threads I've ever seen (finally snagged me the world tour varsity woot!). But I really haven't been much impressed with anything they've brought out ever since.


I admit the guys are really friendly - save for the girl who works there that had to give me such a fucking attitude telling me the SBTG dunks were $500. Yeah I realise I ain't gonna buy them right now, get over yourself ffs.
I'm also highly suspicious of the quality of their Bape/BBC gear. They sell stuff from many a season ago. Either they're fakes or deadstock that's been forgotten about. Either way, if I was gonna drop that much on Bape/BBC I'd rather go direct to them and get the latest stuff.

And bout the girl, I kind of don't feel right talking about her on a very public messageboard. I thought I'd leave it as a passing comment, but if she's the one you're talking about Iori - DAMN YOU.


Jan 21, 2008 @ 23:27
Even though Tsubi (or Ksubi now) is wack in some of our eyes, but u cant take away the fact that they did make a name on the global stage and some of the most exclusive department stocks it. It's not really about the brand, it's about how people are wearing it. I've seen people in HK rocking Tsubi's along with European brands and it blended really well.....it's how the stevies that are wearing it locally that's ruining it for some of us. I havent owned a pair of Tsubis and probably will never not since there are other denim brands out there thats much better quality.

If you're looking for something different in denim, then try out Imperial Denim from Queensland which can be found in anblinkyeyesther". Offers washed and non-washed in black and blue in 2 different cuttings (King = a wider cut and Duke = a skinnier cut like APC and Dior Homme). A really good alternative to Tsubi, priced around the same as them as well but at least you wont see your average Joe wearing them.....ohhh and in the US they cost more than Dior Homme as well but overhere it's way cheap.

UNDFTD back a few years ago when Supply was doing the brand, it was pretty cool, but once they arrived in SP1, I see snugged up chinese mainlanders rocking them left and right when they were on put on sale at the end of the year. Like in the case of Tsubi, a really good brand ruined it by the people rocking it.

I've been following Stussy since my primary school days (and i still have most of those vintage stuff somewhere in my waredrobe) but it's pretty much in decline ever since the 25th Anniversary Collection and the closing down of their Customade Division. The World Tour Collection was decent (I loved the M65 they did with Alpha Industries - nearly copped it!) but it's some of the stuff they are producing locally that really shits me. It's really shit they are trashing a really historically-rich brand which is basically the starting point of street culture. But I guess they need to make money too.....

Back when Nitrogen started bringing in Bape stuff, it was pretty much all fakes but until about 2 years ago, they had some people in HK and Japan buying stuff from the Bape Stores or the reseller stores there and shipped them over here. So most of the gear now is probably real (dont take my word for it since i havent been down there checking the actual things out for myself) but do becareful coz they might slip in a few good A-Grade fakes within the real stuff. And their prices....wow....I could probably cop 2 for the price of 1 in HK.
Jan 24, 2008 @ 04:45
hey where can i get cheapish good jeans in sydney??

where even sells levis these days??

i hate baggy jeans so like slim ish???

keeping in mind im a uni student so cost is a big factorsmhsmh
Jan 25, 2008 @ 08:12
hey where can i get cheapish good jeans in sydney??

I think u just missed the incu sale, I got some apc's for 150 bucks, which is an okish price. Try darlinghurst(oxford st), they got some decent denim stores. Not sure of the prices but range should be good.

BTW Interesting conversation Iori. I hardly pay attention to whats happening in sydney(mainly cos of work, family n travel), its interesting to hear your thoughts and the others too.

I hardly get out enough to spot what others r wearing. I have only seen a guy wearing the hundreds once in sydney, and it was a tee from a season way back. Hardly seen any supreme, just a few hats by skaters. Bape, just forget it, we already know the story.

There is a guy I see at my local shopping center(inner west) who sumtimes wears fuct and does it in great style(with the rest of his atire, non hype brands). I saw once nitrogen stock fuct.

Espionage, I like both their stores but maybe too much kiks tyo? or is it just me. Iori is rite that they r getting judged alot on their aki shirts. Staff were fine for a chat.

Supply and freshin r great but I find the releases too late. Do you guys feel the same? Ok supply did impress me with their wtapsXundftd but it rarely happens. I am not that crazy about supreme so I hardly find myself going there.

Undftd I had never seen in sydney before. In japan its sold all over the place but ppl didnt seem to wear it. I personally didnt like their releases till recently, the prices at sp1 were not that different to the retail prices i saw in Japan. I was there recently and streetware has calmed down alot to previous times that I witnessed. Neighborhood didnt seem to be popular or as 'huge' but i am sure i am wrong on that one. AFFA, now damn! I tried so hard to get some of this great collaboration but the Japanese dont even leave it on the rack for a second.

Anyways depending on my luck I sometimes hapen to find a particular brand I like during my travels. Most of the time I am having to get my friends/family send me things from the US and Japan. IMHO for the time being there is no hope for us aussies who know wats hapanening on the global scene. I personally dont know anyone else who is interested in streetware in sydney.

Atm I really like Huf and the hundreds and have plenty of it. What do you guys like/wear? How do you go about getting it? Also interested to know how you guys go about getting a particular release, specially if its limited. I know there is ebay but i am interested in knowing the more unique tactics u have used in the past.

Too bad we couldnt continue this convo in the australia thread smh
Jan 25, 2008 @ 10:17
The problem with us is that our geographic location is limiting the stuff we get over here and the time it get's delivered. The UNDFTD x WTaps stuff came out 2 mths ago and we only just recieved it in December. And thanks the the Customs, it takes much longer just to clear some stuff out quickly. Cant really blame Supply, FreshIn and anotherinch getting stuff late coz hey, at least we have them here.

UNDFTD is pretty much everywhere in Sydney. Even some of my mates who arn't that deep into streetwear are rocking it, just becoz SP1 had it on sale a while ago. For those who doesn't know much, they will think it's a good brand but to us, we're over it ages ago.

Neighborhood ain't that huge anymore in Japan. People only clean out the stores to resell it in the consignment shops or get it sent overseas to places like HK and South East Asia where demand for NBHD is still pretty high. Streetwear and street culture in general has peaked 2 years ago, and they're starting to slow down and go back to the level in 1999 before this who ura-harajuku craze started. Thats pretty much why Neighborhood, W)Taps, Nexus VII, Unrivaled, Devilock and Visvim are starting to expand into the global market by working and releasing stuff overseas coz they know it doesn't appeal to the Japanese anymore.

The current favourite of mine would be FHI (Futura Heavy Industries), a collaboration between Maharishi and Futura. Really well constructed, designed and pretty rare too. Another favourite would be Chapel of Dawn from HK by the guys at SiLLY THING - really like the construction of the shirt and the soft cotton they used. Also i'm starting to buy alot of European stuff - just laid my hands on a few pieces by Maison Martin Margiela, Topman and H&M. Im still pretty big on Supreme, Visvim, Head Porter, Stussy and just abt any brand that HF put's his golden touch on.....

I get most of the stuff locally since I can get hooked up by pretty much all the stores in Sydney, they would put the stuff aside for me so I dont need to go through the hassle of waiting in line in the early morning of the launch day and to find out the guy in front bought the last one. If it's something I know none of the stores would stock, then I would check where else would they release it around the world and see if I have any contacts there. If yes, i'll get someone down to cop it but if not, then i'll either resort to eBay or online shops.
Jan 25, 2008 @ 18:36
hmm my favourite brands at the moment would have to be diamond supply co and vans&)&)

anyone know where i can get cheap monday jeans in sydney???
Jan 25, 2008 @ 22:50
Thanks Iori, great post.

Joe there is a cheap monday store in bondi.
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