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HELP - Jordan 1's / Air Jordan - China Ed's

May 16, 2007 @ 17:26
Is anyone willing to help me grab these?

Need 1 pair of the Jordan 1's in size US 11, and 2 pairs of the AIr Jordan's size US 11


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May 22, 2007 @ 11:53
when and where do these drop?
May 23, 2007 @ 13:22
drop june 1st.

lol, i think that's why he posted it in the asia section. but if anyone's willing, i'd also like to cop these.

pm me
May 27, 2007 @ 22:27
anyone know if these will release in Beijing or are they ACU only ?
(if yes where, not familiar with Beijing so an address would be appreciated).
May 28, 2007 @ 03:14
I want them lows >smh
Jun 04, 2007 @ 13:22
got 1 pair of the jordan 1's and 2 of the J23's.

they selling for mad $$ on ebay right now.
Jun 04, 2007 @ 15:11
got 1 pair of the jordan 1's and 2 of the J23's.

they selling for mad $$ on ebay right now.

where did u get them from?

I tried a couple big nike shops here in shanghai but with no luck
Jun 04, 2007 @ 15:53
had 6 people waiting in line at different shops all for multiple hours.

it was like a sweatshop. don't know the exact details yet (haven't received the shoes or receipts yet). let you know which shops when i get them in the mail.

i know kix-files might be getting some, depending on if they got picked in the lottery. check them out day to day.
Jun 05, 2007 @ 04:48
the retail price is crazy i've heard,nearly 250$?
Jun 05, 2007 @ 21:57
They've released in two cities currently, HK and somehwere else I believe. They won't drop at the other three locations for a few weeks/month.
Jun 08, 2007 @ 14:54
FYI - Kix-files.com has gotten their shipment in, i'm not sure if it's available to the general public, but i know they are being offered to people on the waiting list.

i just passed on the size 11's set, they were selling the set for 2K USD + s/h

if you're interested, you might wanna slap them an email.
Jun 09, 2007 @ 22:23
$2000? What are they smoking...cause I want some of that...hahahahah.
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