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Planning a trip to tokyo.

Apr 10, 2007 @ 03:38
im planning a trip to tokyo, sometime before the year is up... its going to be my first time there, and my first time leaving the country without my family... so im real excited, does anyone know of any low/moderately priced hotels to stay at. i dont care if its a shithole.. so long as im not gonna get shivved at night coming in for the evening. And well any other help would be much appreciated. Thanks alot chaps.
Apr 10, 2007 @ 19:14
haha deadpool, u got ur own laptop or something? cause all my friends complained about the keyboards in japan!

for cheap hotels, most travel agency willghave good packages with cheap hotels. look for the business hotels in shinjuku /shibuya area. if you wanna go all out J style, check out some of the home owned ryokan's.

btw, check out japan-guide.com , tons of info there.
Apr 10, 2007 @ 19:22
The Ryokan guest houses are so proper.
Apr 11, 2007 @ 23:52
thanks for the help fellas, yah those ryokan houses look great. they just get a bit pricey, but i will let you know how it goes. anyone knows how easy it will be to find me some HARE or flathead products in tokyo? i intend on getting some flathead 3001 denim, and maybe a hare hoodie of sorts.
thanks again
Apr 13, 2007 @ 00:14
there are some ryokan that arn't expensive at all. go do a search on ryokan, you should be able to find ones that are sub 80 dollar CDN range for a night, which is pretty good deal imo.

i just got a package from my travel agency which includes plane, hotel, total for 1700 CDN. and im gonna go during high season pricing, so the price is already pretty good .
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