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Official Australia Shopping Guide

Apr 07, 2007 @ 15:49
sticky please? since we have no aus thread

Originally posted by Inactive User
In the city, the first shop u'll need to visit is General Pants. There are 3 GP stores in the city area - 1 on George Street, 1 on Pitt Street and 1 inside the big Queen Victoria Building (QVB). They sell brand name clothing such as Freshjive, Carhatt, Zoo York, XLarge, RVCA, Ben Sherman, Stussy and Mambo. They carry Nike SB shoes and other Nike exclusives, but their price is a bit higher than small shops. Not that special, but this is where most HK people buy their SBs from. I only shop there or buy shoes from there when they have a sale on

Next up would be SP1 and SP2. SP1 is located on the ground floor of Gallaries Victoria (where Kinokuniya bookstore is) which is on George Street and opposite of the QVB building. SP2 is located on the 1st floor of Market City which is in Chinatown. Both shops carry Carhartt, Xlarge, Stussy, Evisu, Playboy, Paul Frank and other independant brands. They dont stock SB shoes, but they get shoes like Terminators, Daktari (Zebra) Dunks, all-black Vandal Supremes and they will also stock the Laser shoes series.

Inside Gallaries Victoria, there is a shop call Stereo. They sell toys (Michael Lau, Kubrick and other toys), clothes (Fifty 24 SF, Recon and other small brands) and they import shoes as well. Currently they have Trainer 1 Premium, Wildwood Premium, Lavadome Premium and Air Safari in OG and blue/white colourway.

Hype DC is another shop u will need to go. They have 3 shops in the city area - 1 inside Westfields Centrepoint Shopping centre on Pitt Street, 1 just on Pitt Street and 1 more inside the basement of QVB. They just sell shoes, no clothing. They stock brands such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, Puma and Onitsuka Tiger. Price is okay la....

Along George Street, there is another arcade called 'Summit Arcade'. Outside there will be a shop called 'True Alliance'. They dont stock good stuff, with only brands such as Royal Elastics, Ben Sherman, DKNY and Reebok. But inside the arcade will be a shop called Freestylekickz. Opened by a Taiwanese guy called Robbin (B2), he imports kicks from other countries and sell them in his shop. Even though he gets the shoes a bit later than Taiwan, but he sells them at reasonable prices. He has a good collection of Jordans in the shop, and he is a sneaker freaker as well ^_^

moving out of the city, and into a surburb called Darlinghurst.

First off is that most shops are revolved around a big stretch of Oxford Street. Walk up from Museum Station and u wont be wrong.

First shop to mention will be Supply. Itz in a little alleyway. When u walk up from Hyde Park and Museum Station, u'll see the Optus Shop and the big pharmacy. Turn right at the next street u see and look to the left side. U;ll see a big open window and inside will be alot of tees. That shop is Supply, which stocks Stussy, Silas, PAM and Montage clothes.

Walk up Oxford Street a little and next to a pub u'll see a shop called Central Station Records. Walk in and go down and u'll see a shop called Flipside. They sell Carhartt, Zoo York, XLarge and Obey stuff and also some Nikes as well. They were the only place in sydney to get the Vandal Supremes.

Once u get out of Flipside and walk up along Oxford Street, turn left when u see there is a outdoor cafe. Walk straight and to the right hand side u'll see a shop called Footage. The shop is owned by Phil and Karin who used to sell shoes out the back of their car! The shop only opened a few years ago and has been popular since. They import kicks from Europe (JD Exclusives), Japan (co.jp's and Bapestas) and US.

Next shop to go would be Our Spot. When u walk out of Footage, turn right and when u get to the intersection, go across the street, walk up and turn left at the next little alleyway just where that convenience store is. Walk past the Yoga School and the DJ shop will be a gallary call Our Spot, owned and runned by Dion and Claire. Inside u'll just see a seat in the middle and tees and shoes on both side. On the walls will be different pictures on display. They stock UXA, Stussy International, KAWS, ANX, Nike and other small brands. The shoes they get are similar to SP1 and other shops in the city, but they will get samples for sale as well. Also sometimes they will stock a little amount of Supreme goods such as tees and hats.

Finally the last shop to go would be 99 Degrees Skateboard Emporium. Wont talk too much abt it coz i dont think anyone wants me to blow the place up right? just a normal skateboard shop runned by Sydney skateboard legend Aaron, Mikey and Brett Chan. they sell ur usual skateboard brands such as Element, Globe, Zoo York, DC, Chocolate, Girl and Nike shoes. Reasonable priced, along with sales once every so often.

Other places - well besides these shops, Sydney has also got a few outlets too. The Nike, Adidas and Puma outlet is located in Auburn. Without a car is hard to get there becoz there ain't a train station around there and i dunno how to get there by bus.

But here is the instructions to get there - from the city, just drive along Parramatta road and when u're around the Flemington area heading to the Parramatta direction, strt taking notice on the left side of the road. When u are abt to reach Auburn, u'll see a big Ford car dealer and go further along the road u'll see the big Reading Cinema complex. Next to the cinema u'll see a big shopping area. The Adidas and Puma outlet is there. On the opposite side of the road will be a McDonalds restruant. The Nike outlet is just behind the restruant!

I havent been to the Adidas and Puma outlet so i dont know wotz there, but in the Nike outlet u'll sometimes see good samples for sale, such as Dunk Hi CL sample and AM1 Cl sample for just $90AUD! They dont alwayz have good stuff so check back once in a while.

Reebok outlet is located in Alexandria and a new one at the Outlet Factory in Liverpool. Dont know wot they have there as well....

Besides those shops, there are also big chain shops in Sydney which sells shoes. Foot Locker will be ur main one. Sydney Foot Locker was the 1st place in the world to get the Juventus AM95. Foot Locker also got a limited amount of the '1st game' LeBron James Zoom Generation, but sold out real quick for $330AUD.

Other stores to check out will be InSport, Icon, Athletic's Foot (Westfield's Parramatta and Westfield's on Pitt Street), Paul's Warehouse (1 on Parramatta Road in the surburb of Homebush and another 1 on Princes Highway at Blakehurst), Rebels Sport (Broadway, Parramatta, Pitt Street) and SportsCo. Those shop sells Nike Aust 'hong' shoes so u wont find much there.

- http://www.superfuture.com (for maps around the places)
- http://www.generalpants.com.au (address to the different stores)
- http://www.freestylekickz.com (to check up on their latest stock)
- http://www.stereo.com.au
- http://www.ourspot.com.au
- http://www.footage.com.au
- http://www.sneakerfreaker.com

IF you still need more help, check out the Sneaker Freaker Forum, coz the guys from there will be able to help you out a lot more efficiently since they are more likely to still be in Australia...


Apr 07, 2007 @ 18:18
thanks dude this is great
Apr 08, 2007 @ 06:45
lol finally australia gets a little love

nice work dude
Apr 13, 2007 @ 02:58
im from australia and i definately reccomend Checking out PSC in either Penrith or Parramatta its a skate shop and ive got/ seen some pretty fresh gear their- TK hoody, Diamond Supply co gear, DGK, VANS, Various Dunks, Stussy etc

there both located within the westfields complex so u can just catch the train and ur thereblushing
Apr 16, 2007 @ 22:55


Apr 17, 2007 @ 02:44
thank you good sir this would be much appreciated
Apr 24, 2007 @ 20:39
merry christmas

Apr 24, 2007 @ 22:46
thanks trob.


Apr 24, 2007 @ 23:03
i was in the city (Sydney) recently also discovered some new shops

On George St i would reccomend goin to the footlocker, nitrogen (only place ive seen in sydney with real bape/ice cream, has stussy, LRG, sik SB's and more) and then in the same complex HYPE DC always has good kicks,

there are two skateshops that both sell dunks (not sure of the name though) but they are a block before the footlocker one of these skate shops sells UNDFTD and other sickness

also check out Pitt ST Mall it has another HYPE DC and Footlocker, as well an awesome general pants co (stussy, DC, NEW ERA, Nudie Jeans, Ksubi, Levis, Freshjive, Industrie, heeps more also some nikes) check out Glue Store (similar stuff) Rebel Sport, the Adidas Concept store, and theirs heeps of others around this area

The city is heeps easy to get to just catch the train to central station and get off and go through the pitt st exit and walk like 2 blocks - In australia if u ask people they are usually always more than happy to point u in the right direction

HOWEVER avoid the shop called Hip Hop Charisma it sells really poor fapes, fake sean john, fake evisu etc etc

hope this helpssmokeyface
Apr 25, 2007 @ 14:27
thanks trob.

no problem.
Apr 29, 2007 @ 10:53
HOWEVER avoid the shop called Hip Hop Charisma it sells really poor fapes, fake sean john, fake evisu etc etc


i accidently stumbled across this "shop"

what is wrong with those guys???
May 06, 2007 @ 01:57
any stores worth looking at in melbourne
May 11, 2007 @ 09:10
any stores worth looking at in melbourne

yeh dude there are PSC skate shops im not sure where google it

and there also check out www.kickz101.com.au blushing
May 11, 2007 @ 13:31
kicks 101 in melb dont bring in authentic New Era =)
any other places tat bring in authentic new era?
big fan of new era =)

here check it out
May 21, 2007 @ 23:57
There is a couple of shops that sell new era on the Gold Coast... Level 3 sell new era and legit Ice cream and rare nikes too...
May 22, 2007 @ 00:09
Australia iz teh wack.
May 29, 2007 @ 19:50
Why would you even post that??

What point does it convey
Jun 08, 2007 @ 05:30
yeh dude there are PSC skate shops im not sure where google it

and there also check out www.kickz101.com.au blushing

PSC store on swanston st in the city

check it out

good dudes

check out provider.com.au

awesome store

and a store called prime

they sometimes get good shit in
Jul 15, 2007 @ 00:14
where can i get some jordans in sydney apart from the shitty ones from footlocker?????
Jul 15, 2007 @ 00:27
where can i get some jordans in sydney apart from the shitty ones from footlocker?????

I can't find shit in sydney other than the stuff from footlocker... which sucks..
im def gonna search the city now though lol.
Jul 15, 2007 @ 03:47
probly the best and only place i know is a basketball shop in parramatta called dplayground

i picked up some jordan 3s there

other place would be insport, they have jordans SOMETIMES
Jul 17, 2007 @ 07:28
try these shops in darlinghurst havent been there but will b going soon

Jul 18, 2007 @ 02:59
none of them carry jordans smh
Aug 07, 2007 @ 23:52
Yo i checked the espoionage down in Chinatown, not a bad range of shit, it all seems legit too.. dont expect any larger sizes (12 +) or limited editions tho...
They directed me to their store on oxford st where they assure me they had size 13's.
Still better than ordering over the net. They had a pair of AF1's i was gonna buy off Flight ClubNY.. saved me about 40 bucks.. if they had it in my size >.<
Aug 08, 2007 @ 04:21
so they opened up another espionage store recently?
Aug 17, 2007 @ 09:32
yeh Oxford St Espionage is freakn awsum

shops that are u must in sydney- Nitrogen on George St, Espionage on Oxford St, Footage on Burton ST (like one block from Oxford St) and 99 Degreez also on oxford st which is an official Nike SB Dealer!!!!!!! last time i was in there they had p rod 2;s, money cat dunks, old spice dunks and more!!
Aug 17, 2007 @ 20:19
but the annoying thing is none of these shops sell jordans and that pisses me off
Aug 22, 2007 @ 18:39
footlocker on george st does

last time i was there (like a week ago)

they had jordan 1's. 3's, 5;s and some others
Aug 23, 2007 @ 07:09
yeh but they sell out so quickly

i bet they r gone
Aug 23, 2007 @ 07:38
thank god for all of the oz people in here .....
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