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I'm interested in skate photography. Any inspiration?

Jan 28, 2009 @ 02:29
What's up, is there anyone that could post some links to great/good skateboarding photograhy and photographers? I know that some people here shoot skateboarding, so if you could, let's start a thread on skate photography.

I'm interested in it because skateboarding reeks freedom to me and I would love to capture that motion and emotion. Plus, I'm interested in shooting skating at night in the city, in parks, around schools, and other different locations for that different vibe that skating at night brings.
Jan 28, 2009 @ 18:44
Jan 28, 2009 @ 22:13

Jan 28, 2009 @ 23:23
www.skateaz.com blushing arizona stuff
Jan 29, 2009 @ 10:45
I shall start!

switch flip and ollie...

fs blunt and bs crook...
Jan 29, 2009 @ 13:21
Snap. Thanks ya'll. I love looking at different styles of photography because people use lighting differently and have different lenses. I really have fallen in love with the thought of skateboard photography because there are so many great personalities in the skate world right in our own cities and that just opens up a whole new dimension to the emotion of your captures. And the settings are perfect ... you can catch 'em at the park at night (the lighting) in the streets (good composition) and in other places (good colors).

Thanks, I'm gonna check this out. Also, there used to be a skate site from Japan that I used to check from way back in 1999 or so, but it was for aggressive inline and they took that site down, but it was really popular and I downloaded ALL the pics. So, if anyone is interested in some skate photos from Japan, let me know. It was called ES-SK8.gr.jp.

They took the site down a LONG time ago and I am glad I downloaded the pics. This is when I started getting interested in skate photography.

Jan 29, 2009 @ 13:26
That Flickr link is coo', thanks. After I posted and submitted this thread, I was like, "Damn, I could've just searched my own damn self," but I figure some people here might know a good bit about skate photography.
Jan 29, 2009 @ 20:11
skateperception is where its at for skate photography, and filmography
they have amazing pieces there &)
Jan 29, 2009 @ 20:24
haha yeah, skateperception..i've been on there for a bit now.

Here's one recent shot off there that i like.
Jan 30, 2009 @ 00:05
also go out and check out th skate magazines. i don't know of many off the top of my head, but transworld always has solid stuff.
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