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Nov 08, 2013 @ 15:47
Hey HB fam - so I'm kind of in a pickle. I came to college thinking I had a general direction of what I wanted to do (I was here over the summer as well), but now I'm completely lost. I've been meeting with career counselors and I have a meeting with the undecided major faculty later in the week, but every test I've taken online points me in the general direction of the liberal arts/arts area. 

I've been kinda considering graphic design, not strongly, but as I'm now to the point of not wanting to do anything other than photography, I figured pairing the two would be a good choice? Just wondering if it's a good choice to become a graphic design major or something else? I am kinda set on the arts/liberal arts as a major now. I know for a fact I don't want to be an artist in the sense that all I do is draw/paint, I like the digital end of things. 

tl;dr is graphic design a wise major choice? 


Nov 08, 2013 @ 22:16
Mannn. If all falls through please don't get a lib arts major. It's worthless. Graphic design might be ok but that is extremely dependent on where you are going and your work ethic. I'll look into it more and ask around since I only know about a few art degrees in particular and how useful they are today. What's up with your photography? Are you trying to make a living off of it?
Nov 09, 2013 @ 00:03
Gotcha. As far as my photography goes, the ultimate plan is to make a living off of it. However, I'm lucky enough to have college paid for, so I'm going to try to get a degree in the mean time (I plan on taking a year off in between soph/junior year). 

It may be smart for me to do graphic design in the long run as I'm currently attending PSU and they're pretty highly ranked in that program, so I could maybe get a 9-5 job straight out of college until I'm able to do photography full time, but the two also go hand in hand with each other. My other major choices are either information science technology/security risk analysis, landscape architecture, or graphic design. 


Nov 09, 2013 @ 04:56
you may have been advised of this already, but if you haven't, what about interning at a place that does graphic designs?  see if that is really something suitable as a 9-5 while you build your photography portfolio?  

sorry, not trying to deter you from a good job/career, but no need to be unhappy doing something just for the $ while your passion takes off.

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Gilly Suits
Nov 09, 2013 @ 19:10
My good friend was a graphic design major and he is having trouble finding a job. With that said, I think the major is fine. The one thing he didn't do was build a good portfolio of work to show. I also would recommend having a more structured minor with some sort of business degree.

Good luck with the photography. Your photos are mad cool, I'm sure you will succeed. 

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Nov 09, 2013 @ 22:40
Thanks for the advice guys and the compliment. The ultimate and final back-up plan is working in the family insurance business, although that is the absolute last thing I want to do. 

That being said, I have the option to get a degree in Graphic design and I figure it would really help me be more well rounded. I don't really have the motivation to do it on my own like I did with photography, but I was planning on taking a few electives in marketing and how to manage a business as I know if would help me tremendously. I believe the major is controlled though so that may be harder to do. 

Saphuso - I hear you on doing something for $$ and not being happy, and that is definitely what I don't plan on doing, which is why I'm switching my major. I was doing physics and as much as it interests me, it just made me miserable with the type of work I had to do as well as how much studying was involved. I realized I'm a more artistic person, so I definitely need to be in a major that incorporates that. 


Nov 10, 2013 @ 00:35
As long as you know you'll make no money off art (unless you're lucky enough to get good connects) and are content with that, I'd say go with what you enjoy.


Nov 10, 2013 @ 17:30
Heh I know I will be probably living off of ramen noodles, but like I said if worst comes to worst I just join the family business and make a comfortable living. I could also always whore myself out to wedding photography, but I'd rather not. 


Nov 10, 2013 @ 17:47
BTW anyone know anywhere good to start for learning graphic design? 


Nov 10, 2013 @ 21:58
check your pm
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