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What kind of camera do you have?

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Feb 19, 2006 @ 16:40
for me
D-SLR = canon 350d (rebel xt) 50mm 1.8/ tamron xr di 28-75/ kit lens
SLR = nikon n60

what about you guys? what do you shoot with?

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Feb 19, 2006 @ 17:00
sony cybershot t-1

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Feb 19, 2006 @ 20:08
polaroid sx-70
thats my baby :D

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Feb 19, 2006 @ 20:17
gots a few..

350D also w/ 50mm 1.8 & kit lens
Rebel K2 w/ kit lens
fisheye camera
holga 120SF
holga 35mm
polaroid sx-70
olympus stylus 400
Feb 20, 2006 @ 15:44
i want to get a dslr soon. probably a rebel xt .... but for now i'm content with my sd450
Feb 20, 2006 @ 15:57
Sony W1. It's good for now.
Feb 20, 2006 @ 15:58
I've got an Olympus FE-100, just for taking bullshit pictures.
But it's got a macrolens on it haha.
Feb 20, 2006 @ 17:19
canon A610

post a picture!


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Feb 20, 2006 @ 17:26

Lomography Colorsplash Camera. Nothing special, but fun to mess with.
Feb 22, 2006 @ 18:51
Originally posted by Inactive User
i want to get a dslr soon. probably a rebel xt .... but for now i'm content with my sd450

i highly recommend the Nikon D50 instead of the xt. i researched which, or whether even i wanted to get a DSLR for a few years. i bought a couple of point and shoot joints and then i bought one of the really old kodak tank-like dslr's.

i have a canon EOS 600, Olympus R35, minolta xg, kodak DSC, a couple of disposable joints, nikon FE and now the Nikon D50.

below is a link to a show i shot last weekend with the D50, manual lens, 800 speed, with a little external flash.

Feb 22, 2006 @ 18:54
oh yeah, and i also have one those polaroid large format land cameras from the '60's, with the bellows.

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Feb 22, 2006 @ 21:18
Originally posted by Inactive User
sony cybershot t-1

Me too^^ :banana:

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Feb 22, 2006 @ 23:12
sweet Colorsplash DUM, those are fun.

running with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30S till i can afford a real digital slr.

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Feb 22, 2006 @ 23:36
Haha Lomo cams are fun...

I have a Casio Exilm z750.

Feb 23, 2006 @ 01:01

Taken from an older "what you wore today" thread.

- Canon 20D
- 17-40mm L f/4
- 430EX Speedlite

The other ones I don't have shown...
6x45 Bronica medium format camera
Canon Elan 7e 35mm
4x4 Seagull medium format camera
Canon 300D Digital Rebel

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Feb 23, 2006 @ 09:29
Originally posted by Inactive User
Me too^^ :banana:

which color? i have the black one :D
Feb 23, 2006 @ 13:45
I have my Nikon Coolpix 2500 from when they came out. Not the best so i take my dad's Rebel Ti for when i want to take quality photos.
Feb 24, 2006 @ 06:54
Nikon F5 and Canon 350D.
Feb 24, 2006 @ 07:07
my sony ericsson t810 still snapping
Mar 03, 2006 @ 16:27
most people will be fine with a good point and shoot. alot of big photo-journalists use digital point and shoots professionally. i wouldn't go the SLR route unless you're shooting professionally because you really should spend quite a bit of money on lenses to get the most out of your pictures.

and it's not all about megapixels. make sure any camera you're interested in has some good glass (lens) with an optical zoom range that fits your style (wide v. normal v. long).

and digital is a good inexpensive way to learn and take really good pics, but if you're serious get out your light meter and shoot some film just to compare and understand the difference between digital and photochemical workflows.
Mar 03, 2006 @ 23:48
Mar 04, 2006 @ 11:34
Here's a pic...
Mar 08, 2006 @ 20:53
Hello guys ... I'm new here.

I use a Kodak DX6440 with a cheap cokin fisheye lense, a Canon AE-1, but my main camera is my Nikon FM2.

Mar 09, 2006 @ 19:42

-polaroid back

-D100 (d2x soon hopefully.)
-some point n shoot digi camera. forgot the model name.
-SB800 flash

Sunpak flash

some holgas
some lomos
some cameras from the five dollar bin at the local used camera store.

i think that's all....... for now.
Apr 06, 2006 @ 01:23
These have never let me down......

Canon PowerShot SD400

Yashica T4

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Apr 06, 2006 @ 09:53
one kind of camera do i have ? .......

one that takes pictures :D

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Apr 06, 2006 @ 10:02
Sidekick camera phone bitches
Apr 06, 2006 @ 11:24
Canon IXY Digital L2 (I don't know the american name, I have the Japanese version.)

(Oh, it's a Canon Powershot SD20.)

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Apr 06, 2006 @ 21:42
Originally posted by Inactive User

Lomography Colorsplash Camera. Nothing special, but fun to mess with.

What does that crazy lookin camera doooo?
Apr 09, 2006 @ 17:13
hmm~~~~it's difficult for me to tell you guy what kind of camera I have...
mostly I use a Nikon D100 with a 24-85 zoom..(I love the new D200,hope I can get one soon)

my other cameras : Hasselblad V system from 501CM to 205TCC and FCC (501CM 503CW 201F 203FE 205TCC 205FCC....) and some CF FE CFE lenses.from 40mm to 500mm

some SWCs 903 and 905....

Arcbody and Flexbody....
except Hasselblad I have a Leica M6 ttl and a M6 ti...
and a Sinar P...

and much more....

and tell you guys a secret....

I'm a camera dealer.....:rofl:
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