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26 january 2013 : kaws boba fett released @original fake - aoyama tokyo

Jan 26, 2013 @ 09:15
26 january 2013 : kaws boba fett released @original fake - aoyama tokyo

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26 january 2013 : kaws boba fett released @original fake - aoyama tokyo

What a crazy saturday in Tokyo. After a big night yesterday, I just woke up at 8.30, took the taxi with a friend (he was requested for this special day), and arrived at Original Fake in Aoyama at 8.50am. Quiet at the first look, but after being arrived in front of the shop, I saw the usuall by queue.

Problem, at the end of the road that is maybe 300 meters of more, the queue continued on the right. 300 meters later, the queue turned on the left, then on the right and to finish, one more time on the right. I had never seen that.

I got friend with a nice japanese guy, Yoggy. He told me the staff said there were about 1500 people queuing. So crazy !!! And only around 450 boba fett were sold. So there was the usuall lotery system (you take a ticket in a box), and if there s a time written on the ticket you can come back to the shop to buy the toy.

After 2 hours of queuing, I finally got in front of the shop, and took a ticket in a box : LOOSING ticket !!!!!!! (on the left). Fortunately, my requested friend got the Gold Ticket (on the right). It was number 3, that means I was in the first guys to get the Boba Fett !!!! I came back at the shop at 12.20 and could buy one toy.

Out of the shop, a chinese guy (flipper )was giving money to young guys and girls who got queuing and getting the toy for him.

https://soundcloud.com/djsaza http://www.jumpjumptokyo.com

Jan 26, 2013 @ 10:13
The videos of Kaws Boba Fett released in Original Fake - Aoyama :


So crazyYyY !

https://soundcloud.com/djsaza http://www.jumpjumptokyo.com

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