Hey guys after going through a lot of these threads i have seem many of you guys have ampule amount of talent thats its ridiculous and i wanna know where you get inspiration from. Personally i think it would be cool for HB to have an official inspiration thread, you know to showcase the artist or artists you guys find to be most influential in your art. Whether that be a director a photographer a painter or a designer i think it would cool to see who inspires you. It would also help out others looking for inspiration as well that may be going through that "block". So just post your influences in here and write something short about them and why they inspire you and a piece of their work.

I'll start Va$htie Kola Director/Photographer/Designer
First female to design a jordan
Directed music videos for Kendric Lamar, Justin Beiber, Ryan Leslie and etc.
Was Creative Executive for Def Jam by age 24
Basically she shows you that anyone can do anything no matter what your gender is sex or race is, and you can do more than one thing at a time a become successful with hard work.

A little interview

Theophilus London- "I want you" Dir. Va$htie