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Tips on skateboard photography

Jan 04, 2010 @ 16:38
Or just producing images with a finish like the following :


Apart from the fact alot of them are done with a wide angle lens , any tips , photoshop tutorials , what equipment is needed etc.
Thanks in advance.
Jan 30, 2010 @ 08:16
If you don't want to go to too much trouble, use a flash (external better) and stick the camera on sports mode. That will be a start, at least.
Jan 30, 2010 @ 09:35
Don't use sports mode, use manual mode. That is what all strobing photographers use. Not even all cameras have sports mode, like mine doesn't.

Also, always show where the skater comes from and where they are going to land. If you use off-camera strobes, most of the time you will find yourself doing split-lighting, which is to the left and the right. You only really use 2 different lenses for skate photography. Zoom lens on the long end or fisheye. That is all I can think of off the top of my mind right now.
Jan 30, 2010 @ 13:14
pretty much nailed it.

two flashes, though one will do i suppose.
fisheye or long lens.
tripods for flashes.
wireless triggers (skyports/cybersyncs/pocketwizards/ebay kits)

max out your shutter speed (usually 1/200 or 1/250)
power up/down your flashes depending on the time of day/ambient light.
adjust your aperture accordingly.

flash placement makes all the difference, usually one to fill up the frame, and another one to use as a rimlight to freeze the skater.

julianxberman.tumblr.com /

Jan 30, 2010 @ 13:54
are the last two shots taken with polarizers?
Jan 30, 2010 @ 13:58
what everybody else said ^^

but also learn to really slow down what you see in front of you(i dont know if you really understand that?)other than perfect lighting you need to capture the subject at the right timing

basically really focus on the subject from beginning to the end so you get that perfect timing.
Jan 31, 2010 @ 02:40
you definitely do not NEED a fisheye. A good wide angle is just as good or better at times
Feb 11, 2010 @ 11:38
wide angle or a fisheye if you want the effect. But you can just do post processing in CS4.
Need a fast lense f/2.8 or faster
Feb 12, 2010 @ 01:27
fisheye captures are dope tho.
Feb 12, 2010 @ 16:13
wide angle or a fisheye if you want the effect. But you can just do post processing in CS4.
Need a fast lense f/2.8 or faster

if you make a photo into a fisheye effect in postproduction, your stupid. if you don't have the gear, work with what you got, don't try making it look like something you don't because it will never come out nearly as good as having a real fish. many of the pictures you posted were generally poorly composed as for skateboarding photography. they just have nice lighting, and thats what makes it look "pro" even though no thought was really given into the composition.


go here. its a great place to learn about skateboarding photography. i believe julian lurks on sp too.
Feb 13, 2010 @ 15:51
im not an expert at skateboard photography, but usually when i really want to get a good shot, the important thing to capturing the action especially with wide lens is that you have to take risks and get close and hope to god the board doesnt go flying in front of you lens.
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