[WTB] Looking For Size M Supreme and Camps/Crushers

Feb 23, 2014 @ 20:37
Looking for everything below! Must be either DS or without flaws, tops must be size M only, shoes 11 only, hats M/L only (where applicable).

'00 Louis Vuitton Crusher
'00 Louis Vuitton Beanie
Cement/Elephant Print Camp
FW08 Visvim Camp, Black
FW08 Balloon Lodge Camp, Blue Logo
FW09 Small Plaid Camp, White/Dark Blue/Red Logo
SS11 Zebra Camp, White/Black/Red Logo
SS11 Zebra Camp, Orange
FW11 Donegal Camp, Red Logo
FW11 Suede Camp, Brown
FW11 Snake Camp, Brown
FW11 Denim/Leather 6-Panel, Blue/Brown
SS12 CDG Camp, Red Logo
SS12 Washed Twill Camp, Pink
SS12 Washed Twill Camp, Green
SS12 Washed Twill Camp, Orange
SS12 Liberty Camp, Blue
SS12 Floral Camp, White
SS12 Canvas Camp, Red
SS12 Canvas Camp, Grey
SS12 Crocodile Script 5-Panel, Green
SS12 World Map 5-Panel
SS13 PCL Crusher, Colored
SS13 Tie Dye Camp, Red Logo
FW13 Denim Eye Camp, Navy/Red Logo
FW13 Big Logo Beanie, Red
FW13 Big Logo Beanie, Teal
SS14 Corduroy Crusher, White
SS14 Corduroy Crusher, Blue

FW07/08 North Face Summit Series Skyline, Colored
FW08 Visvim Tradesman, Brown
SS11 North Face Checkered/Damier, Black
SS12 Suede Bomber, Brown
FW11 Reversible Shell, Blue
FW12 Leather Down Jacket, Green/Black/Red
FW12 Pin Dot Shell, Green
FW12 Pin Dot Shell, Volt
FW12 African Windbreaker, Green
FW12 African Windbreaker, Purple
FW12 Workers Jacket, Blue
FW12 Workers Jacket, Blue
FW12 Harris Tweed Coaches Jacket, Blue
FW13 Pacific Camo Pullover Jacket, White/Black
SS14 F-1 Pullover, Black
SS14 North Face Expedition Coaches Jacket, Atlas

FW03 Nuggets / Skyline Basketball Jersey, Black
FW11 Tartan Flannel Shirt, Red
FW10 Thunderbird hockey top, White
FW10 Thunderbird hockey top, black
FW11 Liberty Print Shirt, Blue/White
FW11 Denim Shirt, any colorway
FW12 Buffalo Check Shirt, White/Black
FW12 3 Color Plaid Shirt, Blue
FW12 3 Color Plaid Shirt, Green
FW12 3 Color Plaid Shirt, Orange
FW13 Big Dot LS, Black
FW13 Paisley Shirt, Red
FW13 Franklin Shirt, White
FW13 Franklin Shirt, Black
SS14 Cubist SS, Red
SS14 Nike Basketball Jersey, Black
any Supreme button-ups

FW09 Box Logo Pullover, Light Blue
SS12 CDG Pullover, Navy Blue
FW12 Box Logo Pullover, Volt

SS12 Camels Belted Short, Pink
SS12 Work Short, Purple
SS12 Houndstooth Pant, White/Black

SS12 Clarks Desert Mali Low, Red
SS12 Clarks Desert Mali Low, Blue
FW13 Timberland, Wheat (Looking for size 10.5 only)

FW11 Printed Check Duffle Bag, Black
SS12 Rawlings Baseball
SS12 Beach Towel
Rizzoli book "Supreme edition"

FW12 Newspaper Tee, White/Black
FW12 L/S Pocket Tee, Teal
FW13 L/S Pocket Tee, Purple

'97 Coca-Cola Box Logo, White
'99 Jackson Pollock Box Logo, White
'00 Louis Vuitton Box Logo, White/Brown
'00 Gucci Box Logo, White
'00 Burberry Box Logo, White
'02 9/11 Box Logo
'02 Bape camo box logos (any color/camo)
'03 Illegal Business Controls America (Igor Kotlyar photo tee)
'04 Hebrew box logo
'05 Pink Snakeskin box logo, White
'05 Red Snakeskin Box Logo, White
'05 Joy Division, White
'05 Joy Division, Black
'06 NBHD, White
FW06 Public Enemy (four photo), White
'06 Return of the Mecca
'07 Mike Tyson Photo, White
SS07 Joe Cool box logo, white
FW07 Neighborhood collab logo, White
FW08 Nagoya Opening Gold Foil Box Logo, White
'08 Predator, Grey
'08 Miles Davis (looking for all three tees), all in White
'08 Kermit, White
FW08 JFK, White
SS09 Lou Reed, White
FW09 John Coltrane (A Love Supreme cover), White
FW09 John Coltrane (four columns with band members), White
FW09 Damien Hirst Box Logo, White
SS10 Motion Logo, Black
SS10 Die Alone (Morton's Salt), Black
SS10 Stussy 30th Anniversary, White
FW10 Rizzoli Box Logo
FW10 Street Scene, White
SS11 Elephant, White
SS11 Japan Relief
FW11 Dummy, White
FW11 Biggie, Black
FW11 London Box Logo, White
SS12 Camels, Pink
SS12 CDG Box logo, White/Red logo
SS12 Campbell's
FW12 Shibuya Box Logo, White
FW12 Otis Redding, White
FW12 Three Six Mafia, Black
SS13 Bling Logo, White
SS13 Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon s/s, White
SS13 CDG2 Box logo, White/Red logo
SS14 20th Ann. Box Logo, White
SS14 Taxi Driver, White

Not sure about the years of these tees, let me know if you have the knowledge:
Holographic Box Logo, White/Red
Sopranos Box Logo, White/Red
Paisley Box Logo, White/Red
Purple/Yellow Box Logo
Teal/Teal Box Logo
Grey/Orange Box Logo
White/Pink Box Logo
Black/Light Blue Box Logo
James Brown "Impeach the President", White
Goodfellas quote, White
Black/Black Box Logo
Fingerprint, White
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I have some of your listed camps: http://hypebeast.com/forums/apparel/217108
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White supreme court jacket size small 360 shipped Black supreme court jacket size medium 320 shipped

May 10, 2014 @ 01:42
What's up man...

I like to keep a detailed list because I'm not only looking for this stuff on HB. And people have surprised me on here with having some pretty rare/OG pieces
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