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May 19, 2012 @ 02:10
Hi People,

pm me here or email me at casval35@gmail.com

All items are 100% legit.

I ship fast and i ship reliable.

100% trusted

06. Nike x Fragment Design GS polo tee. as good as new. tags removed for trying on only. size XL (fits L) $70


07. Nike x Fragment Design NSW 150 tee. rare and hard to find. set-in printing. perfect shape. no damage. size LRG $80


08. Nike Sportswear NSW red football tee. vintage. no damage. size L $50


09. Nike Sportswear NSW black football tee. vintage. no damage. size L $50


10. NSW polo tee. worn only once. no damage watsoever. size L $40


11. Nike Sportswear 5-panel camp cap. brand new. never worn. no damage. $30


15. retaw x Head Porter fragrance luggage tag. brand new unopened. $30


17. Neighborhood 15th anniversary Goodbye tee. rare and had to find. perfect print. perfect shape. no stains. no damage. full set. rare blue sleeve tab. $120


18. Neighborhood Death Bunny Walkure long sleeve tee. no damage. no stains. no smells. as good as new. size 4 (fits L) $50


19. vintage Neighborhood x HF Mellow Works promotional not for sale t-shirt. beautiful photo print. no damage. good as new. details everywhere. size L $70


20. Uniform Experiment x Outstanding Magazine x Fragment Design x Doubt Everything t-shirt. size L no damage. all good. made in japan. $50


22. Sophnet F.C.R.B. pom beanie. beautiful construction. $50


23. Peel & Lift x Fragment Design x Outstanding Magazine collab tour tee. ultra light and comfy. original "punk-ed" distressed details. all good. worn only once. size L $80


24. Electric Cottage long sleeve 2 pocket chambray shirt. vintage and hard to find. EC is HF's first label. no damage. cond 9/10. size L $50


25. Wtaps Raco Field Cap. Perfect no damage. Fur does not fall off. Highest Quality. Made in Japan. lots of details. Rare and Hard to Find. $100


26. Hypebeast x BWGH sweater. no damage. lightly worn. size L. all sold out and hard to find. high quality materials and construction. $150


28. Supreme Bruce Lee Mirrors long sleeve tee. size L. all good all tight. perfect shape. no damage. yellow is brighter than shown in pics. $100


32. Supreme royal blue Hate sweater. excellent material. light yet cosy. all good. beautiful details everywhere. size L $200


33. Supreme "Oh Shit" tee. rare colourway. worn only once. all good and tight. print is perfect. with tags from DSM. size L $70


34. Mastermind Japan glitter-print tote bag. super shiny glitter that will not come off. inner pocket. never used. all brand new. no damage. all good $90


35. Mastermind Japan x Champion collab Universality reverse weave hoodie. hard to find navy colorway. as good as new. no damage. full set with tags and bag. size L $200


36. Undercover "Diamond Grid" pattern hoodie and fabric cap set. made in japan. rare and hard to find. hoodie features zip pockets at side and one large zip pockets at the back. unique see-thru watch window. vented underarms. size 3 (fits M-L). Cap is cord-adjustable. no damage rips or tears. beautiful UC construction. $150


38. AFFA 2013 navy border stripe L/S tee. brand new. no damage. perfect shape. made in Japan. comes with UC bear shopping bag. full set with tags. rare red skull combo. size L $150


39. AFFA Formula tee. vintage and hard to find. AFFA is rare collab by Jonio and HF. beautiful set in print. no damage. as good as new. super high quality raw cotton feel and set-in print that will never fade. made in japan. size L $80


40. LVC "Cold Crush" 501. rare and hard to find. never washed. beautiful details everywhere. all original and never altered. made in Japan. pink selvedge. W36 (fits W33-W34) $450


41. Levi's Vintage Clothing large size vinyl display. color is rich and will never come off. no damage at all. original release and not a reprint. size is 80cm x 80cm $80


42. Adidas ObyO KzK American FB L/S tee. as worn by EDC. rare and hard to find. cond 9/10 size L $100


43. Yone full color Photobook. all new. no damage. $20 find out about Yone here : http://hypebeast.com/search?s=yone


44. iBought magazine. all new. no damage. $10 http://hypebeast.com/2013/9/ibought-vol ... hion-issue


45. Human Made "Dry Alls" tee. rare and hard to find. no damage. unique loopwheeled construction. organic set-in printing. back print on collar. size M (fits L also) $70


46. A Bathing Ape Milo Bape head tee. front and back print. rare and hard to find. collar all tight. no stains no damage. $70


47. A Bathing Ape cut sewn WLIABA tee. set-in printing. super soft vintage feel. no stains. no smells. no damage. size L $70


50. Breezy Polo Assassin navy hoodie. size M (fits L also) perfect for class and office. $50


51. SSUR New Era fitted cap. size 7 1/4. no damage $50


52. snow leopard cap from NewEra Japan cond 9.9/10. Sz 7 $50

53. GoodEnough long sleeve shirt. Beautiful details everywhere. vintage and hard to find. super soft and light quality cotton. GDEH is the pioneer label by HF. no damage anywhere. cond 9/10. size L $50


54. vintage GDEH navy raglan tee. no damage whatsoever. size L $50


55. Goodenough "Strong Enough" tee. rare and ultra vintage. this is the birth of jap streetwear. no damage. cond 9.5/10 size M $50


56. vintage Goodenough 7th Anniversary tee. size M. Onita base. $50


57. vintage Goodenough music tee. rare design. no stains. no damage. size L $80


58. vintage Aki Hoshino x G-Shock x Quolomo photo print t-shirt. full set with bag and Quolomo acrylic crystal key tag. no damage. no stains. size L (fits M also) $50


59. All Gone 2012 hardcover book. Brand new. No Damage. $80


60. Pop Magazine Taylor Swift cover. Brand New. No Damage. $20


64. Hand-made Paul Ropp sling bag. quirky details everywhere. similar to undercover design. $50


65. Element geometric print shorts. cond 9/10. size 36 (fits 34 and 33 also) $30


Thanks for looking. Feel free to ask any questions. 

May 20, 2012 @ 00:05
1. Suicidal Tendencies otto cap. SOLD (NIQ)
2. Better Off Dead LV king of snakes t-shirt SOLD (NIQ)
3. Original Fake 3D mouth t-shirt. SOLD (GABRIEL)
4. wtaps unit t-shirt. front print is "EXTREME PREJUDICE". SOLD (SHIJIE)
5. wtaps Tiger t-shirt. SOLD (SHIJIE)
6. Nexus 7 3rd anniversary collab t-shirt with Stussy. SOLD (SHIJIE)
7. wtaps "Master Of Muppet" t-shirt. SOLD (TRAVIS)
8. wtaps bird t-shirt. SOLD (TRAVIS)
9. Bounty Hunter polo t-shirt. SOLD (NIQ)
10. wtaps chief short sleeve polo t-shirt. SOLD (SHIJIE)
11. Neighborhood x Fragment Design rifle t-shirt. SOLD (Sham)
12. nexus 7 Tony Montana t-shirt. SOLD (Kevin)
13. Stussy x Neighborhood boneyards J. Rudy t-shirt. SOLD (Kevin)
14. Bounty Hunter x Cream Soda crossover animal print t-shirt. SOLD (Jason)
15. Stussy x Undefeated t-shirt. Printing is in gold. TRADED (Mr23-Yhonny)
16. Vans pony hair Sk8 Hi-LX Black/White/Electric Blue. TRADED (Mr23-Yhonny)
17. Nike SB Jhirod TRADED (Mr23-Yhonny)
18. Nexus 7 Chaz crest t-shirt. SOLD (Kevin)
19. stussy x vlack x nexus7 x chaz t-shirt. SOLD (Richie)
20. wtaps raglan t-shirt condition. SOLD (Richie)
21. Fragment Design x Levi's Fenom pocket skull t-shirt SOLD (Shijie)
22. Nexus 7 Kate Moss Photo frame t-shirt. SOLD (Leonard)
23. Nexus 7 x stussy collab t-shirt. SOLD (Ming)
24. Stussy X wtaps t-shirt. SOLD (Ming)
25. Stussy x Neroli x Minotaur skull t-shirt SOLD (Ming)
26. stussy Robert De Niro Taxi Driver t-shirt. TRADED (Tris)
27. Glamb fallen angel t-shirt. from japan. SOLD (Leonard)
28. Nexus 7 Madonna photo frame t-shirt. SOLD (Leong)
29. Nexus 7 "Safety Pin Star" t-shirt. SOLD (Leong)
30. nexus 7 warriors t-shirt. SOLD (Leong)
31. Spectacle x Nexus 7 collab t-shirt. SOLD (Leong)
32. Bounty Hunter x Ric Clayton Benefit 2007 t-shirt. SOLD (Ace)
33. Guilty Brotherhood gold jeans. SOLD (Ace)
34. OriginalFake t-shirt. SOLD (Titus)
35. vintage NBHD "Los Hermanos" long/sleeve t-shirt. SOLD (Don)
36. Supreme x Shawn Mortensen zapatistas photo long sleeve t-shirt. SOLD (Ordinary Chap)
37. Levi's x Fragment Design Fenom Skull t-shirt. SOLD (Sam)
38. Sounds Good x New Balance collab from United Arrows. SOLD (Keith)
39. BBC Triple Dogs t-shirt. SOLD (Yusho)
40. Stussy Neighborhood Boneyards t-shirt. cond 9.5/10. size L SOLD (JSON)
41. nexus 7 logo t-shirt. SOLD (JSON)
42. nexus 7 STONED pocket t-shirt. SOLD (JSON)
43. SVGARCHIVES long/sleeve tee SOLD (Kevin)
44. SVGARCHIVES Commander Cap SOLD (Kevin)
45. Nexus 7 Kate Moss photo frame t-shirt. (M) SOLD (Ben)
46. Nexus 7 reversible jacket. SOLD (Daniel)
47. wtaps SPEED long/sleeve tee. SOLD (Keith)
48. wtaps 3/4 sleeve raglan. SOLD (Keith)
49. wtaps 3/4 sleeve bandit t-shirt. SOLD (Keith)
50. Supreme Stained Glass long/sleeve t-shirt. SOLD (Keith)
51. Neighborhood Big Boys long/sleeve tee. SOLD (Keith)
52. X-Large Cookie Monster t-shirt. SOLD (Alvin)
53. Nexus 7 x Stussy Day of The Skull t-shirt set. Black is size L SOLD (Ming)
54. Stussy x Resonate SL x Fragment Design black t-shirt SOLD (Ming)
55. Visvim SS09 FBT Lattice brand new Sz10 SOLD (O.C.)
56. wtaps Rise Above bird heather grey tee. SOLD (O.C.)
57. Neighborhood Puma Lightning t-shirt. SOLD (Igo)
58. wtaps 09 Hell Week s/s LAMF Damon tee. SOLD (Bone)
59. Stussy x Nexus 7 x Nas t-shirt set.  TRADE (Mobz19)
60. Stussy x Nexus 7 x Nas t-shirt. TRADE (Mobz19)
61. Electric Cottage T-shirt by Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design. SOLD (supremeguy)
62. OriginalFake embroidery white pocket tee SOLD (Uncle Ng)
63. Adidas 60th Anniversary Pro Model 80s with OriginalFake Stark Laces. SOLD (CSC Uncle)
64. Nexus 7 tiger t-shirt. SOLD (Canadian Natalie)
65. Bounty Hunter t-shirt. made in USA SOLD (Canadian Natalie)
66. vintage MH Way sling bag. SOLD (Kim)
67. HeadPorterPlus x Fragment Design Summer Of HPP t-shirt. SOLD (Shijie)
68. Levi's Fenom Skull tee. SOLD (GuoXiang)
69. Levi's Fenom t-shirt. SOLD (GuoXiang)
70. Neighborhood W.D.W.Y.F.W. Log.02 catalog book. SOLD (GuoXiang)
71. wtaps 09S/S O'Rama t-shirt. SOLD (Charles)
72. Base Control x Fragment Design x Stepper Records t-shirt. SOLD (Jensen)
73. HeadPorterPlus x Fragment Design Summer Of HPP t-shirt. size L. SOLD (Charles)
74. wtaps 09S/S LAMF Love Saves The Day t-shirt.  SOLD (Terrence)
75. Nexus 7 The Family t-shirt. SOLD (Jason)
76. OiginalFake t-shirt. comes with zip-loc. cond 9/10 size 2(M) SOLD (Ace)
77. Fragment Design x Disney x Medicom Pooh Bear figure. SOLD (RC Levis)
78. Visvim cubism dot polo t-shirt. size L SOLD (Andy)
79. Fenom short sleeve western shirt. Made in Japan. SOLD (TP Guy)
80. OriginalFake embroidery black pocket tee. SOLD (Andy)
81. wtaps Black Flag Guerilla Warfare Against 40% Rights t-shirt. TRADE (OC)
82. AFFA T-shirt. SOLD (Json)
83. Fenom polo t-shirt. SOLD (Json)
84. CDG x Speedo t-shirt. SOLD (teck whye)
85. wtaps tee. SOLD (OC)
86. Stussy Knowledge Is King varsity jacket. SOLD (Flea Mart)
87. Bape General Rope Tee. SOLD (julie)
88. Brand new Fenom 5-star pocket tee. SOLD (Terrence)
89. Nike Zoom Tennis Classic x Fragment Design. SOLD (havendance)
90. Vintage WTAPS heraldry olive tee. SOLD (OC)
91. Nexus 7 Kate Moss Does It Better Photo frame t-shirt. SOLD (jarkata frenz)
92. nexus 7 support for red ribbon campign t-shirt. SOLD (ah zong)
93. Fragment Design / Resonate StreetLine vintage brand new hoodie. SOLD (Ace)
94. Brand new Fenom blue stitch pocket tee. SOLD (Jason)
95. Fenom skull pocket t-shirt. cond 9.5/10 size M SOLD (spidey84)
96. Nexus 7 Chaz Cult Follower t-shirt. SOLD (spidey84)
97. White Fenom 207 W34 L32. SOLD (nice guy from JB)
98. vintage Stussy short-sleeve shirt. cond 8/10. size L SOLD (nice guy from JB)
99. Nexus 7 Batman tee. Cond 9.5/10 size L SLD (CSC Flea Mart)
100. Levi's Capital E dark grey jeans. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
101. Element WalkShorts. W32. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
102. Nexus 7 08 S/S catwoman tee. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
103. nexus 7 "VII" brown cap & nexus 7 disney font black cap. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
104. Plaid berms from Tokyo Japan. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
105. Devilock Japan Anti-Power Tiger t-shirt. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
106. whiz limited border t-shirt. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
107. Nike Zip-Up Jacket. Made In Japan. SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
108. vintage Gaultier Jeans border t-shirt SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
109. Blue lame stitch Fenom Jeans W34L32. with rare Fenom bearbrick SOLD (Travis)
110. Fenom t-shirt. cond 9/10 sz L (Ace)
111. Uniform Experiment t-shirt. Sz 3 (fits like m). SOLD (KL)
112. T19 x Fragment Design t-shirt. SOLD (KL)
113. Visvim SS09 catalog/travelouge by Nakamura H. cond 9/10 SOLD (KL)
114. Levi's x Damien Hirst collab t-shirt. SOLD (KL)
115. Stussy x Mad Hectic x Undefeated Triple Threat splatter Tee. SOLD (Guoxiang)
116. Nexus 7 x Stussy Day of The Skull t-shirt. SOLD (Guoxiang)
117. Brand new, never used, Made in Italy, Fendi wallet. SOLD (Choon)
118. fragment design 50% panda bearbrick strap. SOLD (Vincent)
119. Nexus 7 x UCS 4th anniversary t-shirt. SOLD (PH)
120. Nike Air Footscape HF. SOLD (PH)
121. vintage AFFA tee. cond 9/10. Sz M SOLD (Kevin)
122. Wtaps Ingredients navy tee. SOLD (Wil)
123. Ursus Bape tee. SOLD (AMK)
124. Neighborhood x OriginalFake Level 0 Narrow Straight Black Jeans. Sz Large SOLD (jinxian)
125. vintage Nexus7 distress denim colourway hoodie. Sz L SOLD (Json)
126. 2010 Fragment Design x Neighborhood tee. SOLD (Vincent)
127. Levis Fragment Design Fenom tee. sz M SOLD (Vincent)
128. Mishka NYC dogs of summer t-shirt. size M SOLD (CCK MRT)
129. Adidas Originals By Originals Kazuki MT Boot. SOLD (bapestore guy)
130. Neighborhood x OriginalFake Level 0 Narrow Straight Indigo Jeans. SOLD (weifong)
131. Supreme long sleeve tee. ultra detail photo print.  sz L SOLD (terryson)
132. Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino limited edition tee. with rare Medicom Kubrick. SOLD (Commonwealth)
133. Original Fake border tee. Classic collection. sz L SOLD (chelsea)
134. Undefeated Army vs Navy reversible 2-ply t-shirt. SOLD (hot dog)
135. A Bathing Ape Classics tee. SOLD (313)
136. 09 F/W Head Porter Tweed Bag (Valerie)
137. Nexus 7 SS09 Tiger t-shirt. SOLD (Lewipool)
138. Nexus 7 Tiger Patched tee. SOLD (Lewipool)
140. SVG fans will know this logo. Smith and Wesson SOLD (city hall)
141. Nike X Fragment Design Tennis Zoom Classic. size US10.5 SOLD (OC)
142. Nexus 7 crush jeans. SOLD (Dexter)
143. Porter x Nexus VII giant tote bag. cond 9.5/10 SOLD (ShiJie)
144. G-Star Raw polo tee. SOLD (Pioneer)
145. wtaps x Rock Steady collab tee. SOLD (Tall Guy)
146. WTAPS Militia Commander Cap. SOLD (Bonne)
147. Fragment Design x Bicycle playing cards. SOLD (Bugis MRT)
148. Costume National tee. SOLD (town to bugis)
149. Nexus 7 x Chaz crest t-shirt. SOLD (Lewis)
150. Nexus 7 Reflective Logo by Chaz t-shirt. SOLD (Lewis)
151. Nexus 7 t-shirt. back-print Disney style font. SOLD (Lewis)
152. Levi's Fenom Fragment Design Turquoise Package 207M W34 SOLD (Navy)
153. CALFSKIN leather Porter x Original Fake waist bag. SOLD (Vivo AX)
154. I AM NOT COMMES DES GARCONS t-shirt (woodlands)
155. vintage Guess Jeans denim jacket. SOLD (Simei)
156. OriginalFake vintage plain back and white tees. cond 9/10. size 2 (M) SOLD (PLAYguy)
157. Levis Vintage Clothing 1950s western shirt. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
158. Levi's Japan reverse-ed out t-shirt. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
159. Supreme long sleeve tee. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
160. Fragment Design x Resonate Speed Line jacket SOLD (CSC flea mart)
161. THE NEW ORDER magazine Issue 01. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
162. nexus 7 limited catwoman t-shirt SOLD (CSC flea mart)
163. Carhartt Single Knee Bermuda. W32. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
164. Tough Jeans (Japan) SOLD (CSC Flea Mart)
165. Actual Pain t-shirt. SOLD (CSC  flea mart)
166. Diesel long sleeve t-shirt. "Gold Minus Twenty" SOLD (CSC flea mart)
167. Armani Jeans summer shirt. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
168. vintage armani jeans t-shirt. SOLD (CSC flea mart)
169. Neighborhood x Adidas ObyO Kazuki Zivil Courage tee. Sz Medium SOLD (Zong)
170. Aki Hoshino Sneaker Lover DVD and book. SOLD (Zong)
171. I AM NOT A BATHING APE t-shirt SOLD (Jurong-Zouk)
172. Fragment Design x Visvim beads hoodie. cond 9.5/10. SOLD (VIP Paul)
173. Bounty Hunter x Magical Design 13th anniversary collab t-shirt. SOLD (CCK MRT)
174. Head Porter monogram nylon tube bag. SOLD (CCK MRT)
175. Supreme canvas tote bag. Bag only. no book. SOLD (Kenny)
176. Neighborhood x Fragment Design AIR FORCE t-shirt. SOLD (Bone)
177. Head Porter monogram 2-way vinyl bag. SOLD (sister)
178. Alienegra Blue Camo parka. Sz L. SOLD (JiaCheng)
179. vintage Supreme box logo camo camp cap. SOLD (somerset mrt)
180. Nike x Fragment Design Zoom Tennis Classic. green suede SOLD (Yew tee)
181. Nike HTM Air Woven Boot. SOLD (Chris)
182. Visvim Mayan t-shirt. SOLD (Thomas)
183. Fenom 5-Star black tee. SOLD (Vincent)
184. vintage Alienegra tee SOLD (Justin)
185. ClotOne Asylum Shirt. SOLD (vivo ax)
186. Alienegra Sand Camo Parka. SOLD (Lakeside)
187. WTAPS sling bag from Cool Trans SOLD (Gavin)
188. Resonate waterproof jacket / windbreaker. SOLD (Calvin)
189. Alienegra black tee. SOLD (CCK mrt)
190. Visvim 5-Nation t-shirt. SOLD (Chris)
191. Brand New Nexus7 vintage Gabrielle tee. SOLD (Roger USA)
192. Mishka NYC gingham shorts. SOLD (Roger USA)
193. wonderful design works x beams t-shirt. SOLD (Bugis)
194. X-Large 2010 e-mook with large size backpack and graphic stickers. SOLD (Yan)
195. OriginalFake 09F/W Chomper Flannel Shirt. TRADED (Peejay)
196. StreetWear - The Insider's Guide. SOLD (vivo)
197. Stussy Hawaii x Nexus7 collab tee.  Size L SOLD (vivo)
198. A Bathing Ape Summer 2010 Mook with 2-way Bag SOLD (MG)
199. I AM NOT MASTERMIND t-shirt. SOLD (vivo)
200. I AM NOT UNDERCOVER t-shirt. brand new. never worn. SOLD (vivo)
201. Stussy x Commonwealth Mexico City Olympics t-shirt set. Black is size M. White is size L. SOLD (vivo)
202. Fendi wallet. made in italy. band is still tight as new. SOLD (Jones)
203. Neighborhood HITS tee. cond 9.5/10 size 3 SOLD (Yishun MRT)
204. Clot x Madsaki Alienegra t-shirt. cond 9.5/10 size M SOLD (CCK MRT)
205. ultra-rare vintage reversible Nexus7 jacket. SOLD (Canada)
206. Nexus7 x Chaz Bojorquez "Warriors" t-shirt. SOLD (KL)
207. Brand New vintage Nexus7 "support for red ribbon campaign" tee. SOLD (KL)
208. Sophnet signature scorpion polo tee. SOLD (Canada)
209. Bape Singapore opening tee. Brand New. SOLD (313)
210. Nexus 7 authentic snake leather belt. SOLD (Canada)
211. Uniform Experiment Crest WhiteLine Tee. SOLD (Shijie)
212. Cool Trans July 2010 with FCRB muffler towel. SOLD (sebawang)
213. Nexus 7 catwoman tee Sz L (fits XL also) SOLD (somerset)
214. Supreme Sink or Swim tee. Size M SOLD (Clementi)
215. Neighborhood x Mos Def collab Leo cropped pants. Size L SOLD (sembawang)
216. Visvim Gabo High Elk. Super soft elk leather body. SOLD (somerset)
217. Visvim Fluxus Crash 2. Sz W34xL32. TRADED (sembawang)
218. Supreme NYC "Go To Hell" camo snapback cap. SOLD (lakeside)
219. Visvim Maliseet Tee. Cond 9.5/10 Full set. SOLD (bugis NBHD)
220. A Bathing Ape puzzle camo shoulder bag. SOLD (bugis)
221. Mastermind Japan x Theatre 8 "The Godfather" tee. SOLD (USA)
222. BrotherHood - Neighborhood x A Bathing Ape "Car Crash" tee. SOLD (SPF)
223. OriginalFake "Warm Regards Bar" Tee. Size 2. SOLD (SPF)
224. ClotOne "Color Of Emotions polo tee. SOLD (AX Vivo)
225. A Bathing Ape 17th Anniversary Tee. SOLD (BP Interchange)
226. vintage Kipling camo backpack. SOLD (bro&sis)
227. Wtaps x Honeyee "For Sweet Honeyee" Metal Millitia tee. SOLD (Canada)
228. Nike x Fragment Design 'NOISE" t-shirt. SOLD (Kino)
229. vintage Supreme box logo tweed pattern camp cap. SOLD (kino)
230. NBHD x A Bathing Ape BrotherHood baseball cap. SOLD (ben)
231. Wtaps military cap. Brand new with tag still attached. SOLD (USA)
232. Commes Des Garcons x Speedo collab tee. SOLD (Bugis)
233. Agnes B. luggage tag. Pink interior. SOLD (Library)
234. Levi's Fenom Turquoise shirt. Brand New and unworn. SOLD (Northpoint mac)
235. WTAPS Raco Fur Leopard selvedge Berms. TRADED
236. Levi’s Fenom “Skull Print” Sweat Suit zip-up navy hoodie SOLD (canada)
237. Mastermind Japan embroidery cap. SOLD (Bedok)
238. Mastermind Japan x Love Check organic cotton limited tee. SOLD (Kino)
239. CDG Play tee. Brand new. tag still attached. size M SOLD (Raffles Place)
240. Visvim woven pocket tee. no damage. cond 9.5/10. size M (UK)
241. Clot x Madsaki Alienegra tee. SOLD (Clarke Quay)
242. Supreme Mickey tee. printing still intact. cond 9/10 size M SOLD (clemeti)
243. Supreme 5 panel plaid cap. no stains no smells. SOLD (city hall)
244. Airwalk Enigma performance skate shoe. SOLD (canada)
245. ultra-high quality Atmos backpack. SOLD (canada)
246. Fragment Design x Cubism inc (Visvim) x FCRB x Nike Dri-Fit L/S jersey SOLD (city hall)
247. ObyO by Kazuki Mintos Campus 80 SOLD (cck)
248. Costume National tee. stitched on CNC detail. SOLD (cck)
249. A Bathing Ape Ranger Polo. Size M. SOLD (aus)
250. Porter Yoshida tee. size M SOLD (cck)
251. Visvim photoprint tee. size M SOLD (usa)
252. Wtaps long sleeve waffle tee. SOLD (json)
253. Nexus 7 Chaz font tee. Brand new. SOLD (json)
254. Electric Cottage vintage short sleeve shirt. SOLD (json)
255. Supreme eagle camo cap. made in USA. SOLD (USA)
256. Bape blue camo summer shirt. comes in a A5 size zip-up folder SOLD (orchard MRT)
257. vintage 1998 Goodenough rainbow "G" tee. SOLD (bugis)
258. Roen x Cover limited edition "Love and Hate" eagle tee. SOLD (bugis)
259. Mastermind Japan x Love Check blue tee. Organic cotton. SOLD (bugis)
260. Nexus VII x Stussy XXX anniversary "Lion" tee SOLD (Ming)
261. Bounty Hunter jap words tee. SOLD (canada)
262. Supreme heather blue college tee. SOLD (millionz)
263. Stussy x MadHectic x UnDefeated Triple Threat splatter t-shirt. SOLD (Ming)
264. Silas Messenger Bag from Cool Trans SOLD (borders)
265. Stussy x Resonate x Goodenough x Fragment Design "Rasta" tee SOLD (Shijie)
266. Bedwin And The Heartbreakers western shirt. SOLD (Zouk Flea Mart)
267. Luker by Neighborhood 1977-Crest t-shirt. SOLD (Zouk Flea Mart)
268. Supreme tweed trucker cap. SOLD (Zouk Flea Mart)
269. Prada gold cardholder. SOLD (Zouk Flea Mart)
270. vintage Undercover stripe polo tee SOLD (canada)
271. Hi & Lo tee SOLD (USA)
272. vintage Nexus7 black pullover sweater. SOLD (canada)
273. vintage Nexus7 v-neck Last Supper shirt. SOLD (USA)
274. Sophnet zip-up hoodie. SOLD (canada)
275. Levis Fenom shirt by Fragment Design. unique stitching. SOLD (Nigel)
276. Brand New Nexus7 Madonna Anniversary tee Size Medium SOLD (Nigel)
277. Nexus7 natalie portman predator montage tee. SOLD (Msia)
278. Nexus7 Al Pacino tee SOLD (Msia)
279. Luker by Neighborhood Adidas Set. SOLD (shoes-woodlands)(shirt-Hong)
280. Goros red beads dreamcatcher feather set. TAKEN
281. MasterMind Japan 10th Anniversary special long sleeve tee. SOLD (Yishun)
282. Mastermind Japan X Fuji t-shirt shirt - black SOLD (cash)
283. Last Orgy Two t-shirt. unworn. brand new. size L SOLD (cash)
284. Neighborhood x Fragment Design T-shirt. SOLD (Taka)
285. WTAPS Dead or Alive long sleeve tee. SOLD (Taka)
286. Neighborhood x Mos Def collab Leo HITS terry shorts. SOLD (Bugis)
287. Headporter Plus t-shirt. bag and tag included. SOLD (joseph)
288. Visvim "Monastery" photo tee. SOLD (joseph)
289. SVG Magnetos tee. size 3 (L) SOLD (city hall)
290. Sophnet 10th anniversary Captain Tsubasa jersey SOLD (australia)
291. Wtaps vintage set-in tee. SOLD (lucky guy)
292. The Tokyo Look Book. SOLD (*scape)
293. Supreme x Visvim collab 5-panel cap. SOLD (Yishun)
294. vintage Goodenough target t-shirt. SOLD (*scape)
295. Goodenough "War is Hover" t-shirt. SOLD (*scape)
296. vintage Electric Cottage "Hot Lips" tee. SOLD (*scape)
297. GoodEnough Industries "Dull Boy" tee. SOLD (*scape)
298. ObyO by Kazuki Mintos football shirt. SOLD (*scape)
299. Uniform Experiment x Fragment Design x Sophnet x Sony Earth F.C. tee. SOLD (USA)
300. Adidas Originals plaid shorts. SOLD (Wisma)
301. A Bathing Ape "Milo Borg" t-shirt. SOLD (*scape)
302. Goodenough plaid summer shirt. SOLD (Marriot)
303. vintage Baby Milo tee. SOLD (*scape)
304. Goodenough "Ventilation" t-shirt. SOLD (*scape)
305. vintage Goodenough sunshine stripe summer shirt. SOLD (marriot)
306. Baby Milo "No Future" tee. prints still print. SOLD (*scape)
307. Stussy x Reas Wayback Throwback varsity jacket. SOLD (UK)
308. Stussy 30th Anniversary x Nike All Court Mid SOLD (313)
309. Uniform Experiment x Fragment Design x Nike Air Zoom Tennis classic SOLD (313 Ya Kun)
310. Mastermind Japan t-shirt white with badges. SOLD (NSC)
311. Billionaire Boys Club "Space Leopard" t-shirt. SOLD (NSC)
312. Supreme box logo tee. made in USA. SOLD (GWC)
313. Last Orgy Two tee by Nowhere. SOLD (GWC)
314. Visvim 6-Nation tee. some staining on white SOLD (Yishun MRT)
315. A Bathing Ape leather chain wallet. Brand new. SOLD (USA)
316. Nike Air Footscape Woven TZ. SOLD (Kranji)
317. Bape Busy Works "Undercover" tee. SOLD (Kranji)
318. EC x Shawn Stussy collab tee. SOLD (Ming)
319. Visvim pocket tee. Giza material. SOLD (Lewis)
320. Levi's Fenom short sleeve shirt. SOLD (Lewis)
321. Goodenough "GE Improvisation" tee. SOLD (Lewis)
322. Honeyee x Fragment Design strap TRADE (miuzique)
323. CDG Play x Converse Hi-top black SOLD (Alex)
324. Electric Cottage 3M reflective Techno Lightning tee SOLD (Alex)
325. Stussy Deluxe x Fred Perry belt SOLD (Bang)
326. Clotone Kazuki collab polka pocket tee SOLD (MayJun)
327. Supreme beanie. Brand new. Never worn. $30 SOLD (CCK MRT)
328. A Bathing Ape x 24 Hours Television yellow tee. SOLD (USA)
329. Wtaps officer cap. SOLD (Ben)
330. Slam Jam Milano leather pouch. SOLD (USA)
331. Clot Black Sun / Dynasty Star All Over tee. SOLD (Gedong)
332. Headporter 2011 Stellar Masternavy iPod pouch. SOLD (Gedong)
333. Mastermind Japan 2011 umbrella. SOLD (USA)
334. Goodenough "Rolls Royce" tee. SOLD (*Scape)
335. MCM long sleeve shirt. SOLD (*Scape)
336. Stussy Deluxe x Fred Perry collab byron mid shoe. SOLD (*Scape)
337. Nike Air Zoom Toki QuickStrike. SOLD (*Scape)
338. Headporter Plus long sleeve tee. SOLD (*Scape)
339. Club Ursus tee. SOLD (Aaron)
340. CDG Play x Converse All Star Hi. SOLD (cck)
341. CDG Play red heart tee. SOLD (cck)
342. NBHD Jeans Basic Mod 14oz Savage Level 2 TRADE + TOP UP (Clover)
343. Goodenough varsity jacket SOLD (scape flea mart)
344. Kitsune Paris x Andre graphic tee SOLD (scape flea mart)
345. Nexus 7 bondage girl pocket t-shirt SOLD (scape flea mart)
346. Resonate x Goodenough t-shirt SOLD (scape flea mart)
347. Giza t-shirt by M.Yulia SOLD (KL)
348. Bape Fellowship Tee SOLD (KL)
349. CDG Play navy knit varsity cardigan SOLD (Msia)
348. Alife star print tee SOLD (aussie)
349. Challenger from Japan vintage finished tee SOLD (Lido)
350. Ultra rare all blue chucks SOLD (aaron)
351. Ultra rare all blue chucks Hi SOLD (aaron)
352. Ursus Bape cut sewn sweater SOLD (USA)
353. Neighborhood 2011 Pet Of The Year t-shirt SOLD (City Hall)
354. Nike x Fragment Design All Court 2 Brown Gold Leopard SOLD (Cash)
355. OriginalFake navy reversible beanie SOLD (USA)
356. Goodenough x Double Dutch "Dull Boy" t-shirt SOLD (USA)
357. vintage classic GoodEnough "Good HORNET" tee SOLD (USA)
358. vintage Neighborhood apache tee SOLD (CCK)
359. Deluxe Street Clothing radar flannel shirt SOLD (France)
360. Bape x Futura tee SOLD (City Hall)
361. Deluxe charity tee SOLD (City Hall)
362. Kaws x Nike Air Max 90 SOLD (Dastan)
363.  Headporter MasterNavy Camo Daypack TRADE (48nahmes)
364. Levi's Fenom 207M full length Light Oz Yellow TRADE (48nahmes)
365. Visvim 25L Backpack SOLD (city hall)
366. Clot ultimate collab tee SOLD (cck)
367. Clot x Fragment Design x Base Control collab tee SOLD (cck)
366. Undercover vintage tee. Signature U design SOLD (313)
367. Chrome Hearts Magazine Vol. 1 SOLD (city hall)
368. Chrome Hearts Magazine Vol. 2 SOLD (city hall)
369. Wtaps Ingredients tee SOLD (SLS)
370. vintage Bathing Ape sweater SOLD (SLS)
371. Adidas Dark Side tee SOLD (France)
372. Billionaire Boys Club trucker Cap SOLD (USA)
373. A Bathing Ape x Medicom TRADE (Cash)
374. Ursus Bape "Have You Seen" rabbit sweater TRADE (Yishun)
375. Neighborhood "Lei" half sleeve tee TRADE (Yishun)
376. Clot x Adidas Originals Hoth Superskate shoe SOLD (KTPH)
377. Wtaps Desert Storm raglan half sleeve tee SOLD (Alex)
378. Nexus 7 catwoman predator tee SOLD (Alex)
379. Neighborhood x Stussy - Boneyards collab tee SOLD (Yishun)
380. Adidas x Porter Tokyo Nizza SOLD (CCK)
381. CDG Play black heart tee Sz L SOLD (BPP)
382. CDG Play black heart tee Sz M SOLD (NSC)
383. Challenger cropped bill mesh cap SOLD (CCK)
384. Carhartt x Fragment Design Harajuku store opening tee SOLD (Orchard)
385. Ursus by Bathing Ape Dark Side reversible tee SOLD (Orchard)
386. Visvim Shigatse shirt SOLD (Clementi)
387. 1994 World Cup Germany jersey SOLD (KL)
388. Neighborhood Harper Check Shirt SOLD (CCK)
389. Clot x Levi's Dynasty Jeans SOLD+TRADE (CCK)
390. Wtaps x Van Syndicate SK8-Mid SOLD (KL)
391. Nike x Fragment All Court 2 purple pink leopard SOLD (JE)
392. Human Made tee by Nigo SOLD (Johor)
393. Alien Evolution Studio tee SOLD (Johor)
394. Adidas x Porter Nizza SOLD (*scape)
395. Nike x HF Match Classic SOLD (*scape)
396. Visvim vintage print tee SOLD (clementi)
397. Converse x Number Nine asymetrical ox deerskin yellow SOLD (LC)
398. Undercover Dress shoe / sneaker hybrid SOLD (LC)
399. Bedwin & The Heartbreakers chambray "BOB" shirt SOLD (yishun)
400. MMJ Fuji Rock tee. TRADE (clementi)
401. Nowhere Shop 4th Anniversary tee SOLD (Canada)
402. Theatre 8 x vintage Snoopy tee TRADE (clementi)
403. OriginalFake x Fragment Design tee TRADE (Nee Soon)
404. vintage Depeche Mode 101 Mode USA 1988 tee SOLD (Austria)
405. Diamond Cat Club leopard shirt SOLD (Australia)
406. Wtaps x Vans Cordovan SK8-Hi SOLD (Mctwist)
407. Challenger red cap SOLD (Redhill)
408. Goodenough "Target" t-shirt SOLD (B.Batok)
409. Goodenough "Get It On" long sleeve tee SOLD (B.Batok)
410. vintage Goodenough black long sleeve tee SOLD (B.Batok)
411. Goodenough "94" tee SOLD (B.Batok)
412. FPAR bowling shirt SOLD (B.Batok)
413. Goodenough GE long sleeve tee SOLD (B.Batok)
414. White Mountaineering embroidery cap SOLD (Tampines)
415. Undercoverism hoodie SOLD (Bugis)
416. Neighborhood "Flashback" leopard bowler shirt SOLD (Isetan)
417. vintage Wtaps combat shorts SOLD (Isetan)
418. FCRB-Five x Nike varsity zip-up jacket SOLD (City Hall)
419. Supreme Japan box tee SOLD (ION)
420. Nike white NOISE terminator hi by Fragment Design SOLD (ION)
421. Supreme "See You In Hell" tee SOLD (BT)
422. Clot x Disney 6th Anniversary tee SOLD (BT)
423. Goodenough Japan madras check patchwork shorts SOLD (BT)
424. Wtaps 2012 "Death From Above" tee SOLD (RS)
425. Neighborhood Deadwood western shirt SOLD (RS)
426. vintage Bape Generals tee SOLD (USA)
427. Alife tote shopping bag SOLD (Novena)
428. Wtaps Allman denim shirt SOLD (313)
429. Wtaps Raco fur leopard shorts TRADE (Clementi)
430. Headporter Plus Folk shirt in Blue SOLD (USA)
431. Nexus 7 burgundy MA-1 aviator jacket SOLD (Korea)
432. Kris Van Assche x Eastpak messenger bag SOLD (Vivo)
433. OriginalFake denim snap button hoodie SOLD (HKG)
434. Jeremy Scott Adidas Original JS Leopard SOLD (USA)
435. A Bathing Ape "Archie" tee SOLD (USA)
436. Neighborhood x Porter daypack SOLD (Bugis)
437. Visvim Shigatse Giza long sleeve shirt SOLD (wheelock)
438. OriginalFake raw jeans SOLD (Yan)
439. Undercover x Fragment "4-Star" tee SOLD (KL)
440. Neighborhood x Fragment club tee. SOLD (KL)
441. Carhartt NYC x Fragment Design flame tee SOLD (KL)
442. Neighborhood x Disney Mickey tee SOLD (southview)
443. Mono magazine with Goros mook SOLD (Pending)
444. Grind Magazines SOLD (Admiralty)
445. Supreme Highly Decorated trucker cap SOLD (centrepoint)
446. Wtaps chambray military cap SOLD (Admiralty)
447. A Bathing Ape Carhop tee SOLD (USA)
448. Stussy x Marvel SS Link tee SOLD (Centrepoint)
449. MMJ "You Are Not Alone" tsunami charity tee SOLD (AMK)
450. vintage Visvim Wampum beads white tee SOLD (AMK)
451. vintage Visvim Wampum beads black tee SOLD (AMK)
452. vintage Visvim red beads black long sleeve tee SOLD (AMK)
453. vintage Wtaps Raco Set-In Jimmy football tee SOLD (AMK)
454. Grind magazine with Wtaps bag TRADE (TP)
455. Supreme Apache Hawaiian cap SOLD (YCK)
456. Wtaps Black Watch Regiment tee TRADE (Woodlands)
457. MMJ "All For One" charity tee. SOLD (Yishun)
458. Wtaps crest raglan tee TRADE (Orchard)
459. Bape green camo canvas tote bag SOLD (Rail Mall)
460. Ursus "Eat Me" tee TRADE (Orchard)
461. CDG black heart tee SOLD (City Hall)
463. Supreme black box logo tee SOLD (City hall)
464. Supreme navy blue camp cap SOLD (Indon)
465. Handmade Heishi necklace TRADE (N86)
466. OriginalFake companion shopper tote SOLD (Ming)
467. Visvim Juneau Weld shirt SOLD (NSC)
468. Wtaps "Firebird" Heraldry tee SOLD (city hall)
469. Uniform Experiment Opening tee SOLD (city hall)
470. Fenom pocket tee SOLD (city hall)
471. Supreme belt fly embroidery SOLD (NSC)
472. Supreme floral polo SOLD (NSC)
473. Neighborhood Supply WP-4 C-Tee SOLD (USA)
474. Neighborhood x Carhartt opening tee SOLD (KL)
475. MMJ Pirates tee SOLD (KL)
476. CDG Play polo tee red SOLD (KL)
477. Wtaps Heraldry black tee TRADE (N86)
478. Ursus Bape rabbit charm SOLD (313)
479. Bape Milo Ape Face l/s tee SOLD (USA)
480. CDG Play polo tee grey TRADE (TB)
481. Clot TST Odie opening tee SOLD (SLT)
482. Alienegra Face Tee SOLD (City Hall)
483. Wtaps Heraldry white tee SOLD (CCK)
484. HPP border tee SOLD (AMK)
485. Neighborhood Up Set football tee SOLD (AMK)
486. Supreme x Wtaps big flag tee SOLD (AMK)
487. Nike International heather grey sweater SOLD (AMK)
488. Wtaps Hell-In-Bone sling bag SOLD (AMK)
489. A Bathing Ape camo daypack SOLD (Canada)
488. Dior Homme Bee polo TRADE (YT)
489. Neighborhood x Kishidan tee SOLD (SV)
490. Human Made Polar Bear tee SOLD (JB)
491. Stussy x BxH anniversary tee SOLD (SW)
492. Chrome Hearts pocket tee SOLD (CCK)
493. A Bathing Ape W.L.I.A.B.A. cut sewn tee SOLD (Canada)
494. A Bathing Ape Comic Milo Valentine Special tee SOLD (Canada)
495. McNairy Long Wing Brogue shoes TRADE (PJ)
496. Maiden Noir Tiger Camo Pants TRADE (PJ)
497. Wtaps Ruder Heraldry tee TRADE (Yishun)
498. vintage Aigner crocodile belt SOLD (Khatib)
499. Supreme motion box logo tee SOLD (USA)
500. Uniform Experiment border long sleeve SOLD (MBS)
501. Wtaps deerskin cream wallet SOLD (Raffles City)
502. Supreme Kaws box tee SOLD (City hall)
503. Visvim Wakan tee SOLD (BT)
504. Ursus Bape Support Weird tee SOLD (Aaron)
505. Nike x Undercover Gyakusou tee SOLD (Aaron)
506. White Mountaineering "WM" tee. SOLD (Aaron)
507. Wtaps cut-off navy raglan SOLD (Aaron)
508. vintage Goodenough workshirt SOLD (Aaron)
509. Nike SB Brooklyn dunk SOLD (SK)
510. Carhartt Duck Sweater SOLD (BB)
511. Clot Winnie The Pooh tee SOLD (Bugis)
512. Clot Kermit The Frog tee SOLD (Bugis)
513. Clot World in Trouble tee SOLD (Bugis)
514. Stussy x Alienegra tee SOLD (Bugis)
515. Wtaps field wallet SOLD (Ben)
516. Neighborhood x OriginalFake tee TRADE (AMK)
517. Supreme Stardust tee SOLD (AMK)
518. Neighborhood leather key tag TRADE (AMK)
519. Neighborhood Destroy Freedom tee TRADE (AMK)
520. Neighborhood #1 tee TRADE (AMK)
521. Neighborhood x Fragment Design tee SOLD (313)
522. Bottega Veneta bracelet SOLD (TP)
523. Headporter cardholder SOLD (ming)
524. OriginalFake "X" ankle socks SOLD (ming)
525. OriginalFake Teeth berms SOLD (Lewi)
526. Bape Grey camo cap SOLD (Lewi)
527. Visvim Fluxus 02 C1 denim SOLD (TC)
528. Visvim Juneau Weld shirt SOLD (JB)
529. Kaws "Falling Dollar" poster SOLD (BP)
530. Bottega Veneta phone strap SOLD (JB)
531. UE x Clarks wallabees SOLD (TP)
532. Nike x Clot tennis classic SOLD (BB)
533. Nike Air Tech Challenge III SOLD (BKK)
534. Nike Sky Force VNTG SOLD (RUS)
535. Supreme x Levis 505 raw jeans SOLD (USA)
536. Supreme Musashi tee SOLD (Canada)
537. Supreme Ave Maria tee SOLD (Lakeside)
538. Supreme Red Riding Hood tee SOLD (KL)
539. Uniform Experiment x New Era cap SOLD (RH)
540. Stussy Japan chambray shirt SOLD (KL)
541. Milo x Kaws tee SOLD (RH)
542. Bape camo long sleeve tee SOLD (KL)
543. Fragment Design x GDEH cap SOLD(Haji)
544. Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid SOLD (Germany)
545. New Balance x Mita x Whiz NB1700 SOLD (Ming)
546. Headporter Black Beauty Monogram wallet SOLD (Northpoint)
547. Neighborhood Crazy Horse tee SOLD (JKT)
548. Supreme Kung Fu Team tee SOLD (JKT)
549. Uniform Experiment Whiteline t-shirt SOLD (JKT)
550. Carhartt WIP pocket tee SOLD (JKT)
551. White Mountaineering long socks SOLD (Yishun)
552. vintage aviator sunglasses SOLD (Yishun)
553. Clot x Casio 30th Anniversary watch SOLD (Admiralty)
554. Clot 6 Years Retropect book SOLD (Sam)
555. Supreme cut sewn football tee SOLD (Liat)
556. Slayer 06/06/06 t-shirt SOLD (Burlington)
557. Number Nine x Converse Jack Purcell SOLD (Wheelock)
558. Supreme "Goodfellas" tee SOLD (KL)
559. Supreme Army cap SOLD (Burlington)
560. Visvim LIttle Feather dress shirt SOLD (MBS)
561. Visvim shorts SOLD (Courts)
562. Adidas Stars Wars reversible jersey SOLD (Brazil)
563. Baptism of Bape tee SOLD (Rich)
564. NBHD After Midnight Flashback raglan SOLD (Rang)
565. Nike camo gym bag SOLD (Rich)
566. Adidas Kzklot royal blue. size US10.5 SOLD (BT)
567. Fragment Design x Head Porter messenger bag SOLD (BT)
568. HUF Hail Mary pocket tee SOLD (BP)
569. Carhartt WIP journey pocket tee SOLD (burlington)
570. Uniform Experiment necklace TRADE (Richie)
571. Vans Vault Aloha LX Era TRADE (Richie)
572. Adidas Kzklot royal blue. size 7.5 SOLD (CCK)
573. A Bathing Ape x Stussy "Survival" tee SOLD (Lakeside)
574. Stussy vinyl 8-Ball coin pouch SOLD (BP)
575. Kaws x Baby Milo shopper bag SOLD (somerset)
576. Neighborhood Kendall pants SOLD (BB MRT)
577. Neighborhood Hog beanie SOLD (BB MRT)
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