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Spring Cleaning - EG, WWM, Gitman L-XL

Mar 10, 2011 @ 14:29
Time for some Spring cleaning. I have too many clothes so I grabbed a couple things that some of you may be interested in.

First up,

Woolrich Woolen Mills - Worsted Wool Fishing Smock w/hunting print - 120.00 Shipped in the US
Size L

Constructed of extremely soft worsted wool. The pull over smock features a subtle hunting print, kangaroo pocket and chest pocket. Adjustable tab collar and a YKK side zipper for easy access to your other layers.

A classic piece of light outerwear from the talented Japanese designer, Daiki Suzuki.

Next up,

Gitman Vintage for Inventory Items - Nantucket Red Oxford Button Down Shirt - 80.00 Shipped in the US
Size XL

A nice classic Oxford, perfect for wear all year round. Gitman makes some of the best shirts around, I know, you know it, we all know it.


Engineered Garments Cinch Back Wool pants - $60.00 Shipped in the US
Size 36

Wool Cinch back pants from EG. A great solid pair of pants. Unfortunately, I lost the draw cords that go into the hem (hence the ridiculously cheap selling price)

You can very easily put another draw-cord in these, I was just too lazy.


Kyoto Violet Selvedge Chambray Scarf from The Hill-side - 40.00 shipped

Beautiful and lightweight cotton chambray scarf, imported from Japan and finished in NYC.

This thing is enormous and I am selling for super cheap. Thought I would wear it, never really did. Kind of the most ridiculous impulse buy ever. I'm sure someone out there would do it proper.

PM or email me if you want any measurements or if you have questions.

thanks for looking!


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Mar 10, 2011 @ 18:29
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