visvim Market Bag (L)

Release Date

April 05, 2020 (US)


1380 USD




Japanese label visvim releases its latest bag drop, this time coming in as a tote bag meant to accompany shoppers to supermarket runs in lieu of disposable plastic bags.

The carry-all, titled Market Bag (L), is fairly unassuming in design and shape; the dual-handled bag arrives in rectangular shape measuring 71.5cm tall and 40cm wide, with an accordion-styled expandable body to maximize interior space. Its construction and design may be unsurprising however the material may be the shock, as the tote is composed of 100% lamb leather and produced in France. A visvim loop tag — also made of leather — is found adorning the edge of the bag’s opening, while a subtle hand stamped detail decorates the lower left corner. A similarly styled medium (M) version is also available, with smaller 53x30cm dimensions respectively.

visvim is pricing these at ¥150,000 JPY (approximately $1,380 USD) for the large iteration, while the medium is priced lower at ¥86,000 JPY (approximately $793 USD). Both are listed as being available to customers on’s web shop, however shipping exclusively to Japanese residents only for the time being.

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