Kosuke Kawamura x Hajime Sorayama x Sync. Capsule Collection

Release Date

March 30, 2019 (US)






Medicom Toy’s in-house brand Sync. will be releasing a variety of collaborative pieces alongside Japanese artists Kosuke Kawamura and Hajime Sorayama. The two artists have made a remarkable impact on the island nation’s scene and surrounding cultural industries around the globe – Kawamura previously teamed with Akira’s MR. OTOMO and has an extensive history alongside BAPE and designer Sk8thing, with Sorayama recently working with Kim Jones for his recent collections with Dior, and more.

The new collaborative effort between the artists and Sync. include a range of goods from clothing to bag accessories, homeware products, and more. Most notably are various short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts from the two artists, which feature the signature style with graphics emblazoned upon them. In terms of the household goods, Kawamura has provided the “FAMILY PORTRAIT” and “DOLLAR” wood tray’s made by SAITO WOOD, as well as a “FAMILY PORTRAIT” pillow; Sorayama has provided his iconic style for the “SEXY ROBOT” plush cushion. Alongside Kawamura’s household goods and shirts is the “DOLLAR” teddy bear plush in two colors, as well as a tote and waist bag in a similar all-over print.

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