COMME des GARÇONS CD Series 3 Zagorsk Candle

Release Date

June 05, 2019 (US)


48 USD




COMME des GARÇONS releases a new part of its Series 3 Incense line in the form of a home candle. With top notes comprised of white incense, pine and pimento, followed by heart notes of violet, cedar and iris, the scent is meant to take you on a journey through historic monuments and buildings — whisking you to earlier and more simple times.

The scent of the candle gets its name from the 14th-century Russian monastery, Zagorsk, and the base notes paint a mental image of that monastery with the heavy use of wooden scents; birch wood, hinoki wood and cedar firmly plant the idea of a dimly-lit room filled with wooden furniture. Those interested in this candle can head over to MATCHESFASHION.COM where the COMME des GARÇONS Zagorsk candle can be purchased for $48 USD. The candle comes in a black glass votive and has a burn time of 50 hours.

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