Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami Limited Vinyl Figure

Release Date

April 19, 2019 (US)


70 USD




Drawing directly from the “you should see me in a crown” music video, Murakami and Billie Eilish reunite for a limited vinyl figure. Inspired by the clip’s distinctive visuals, the figure offers a plethora of fan-friendly features.

Clad in a matching T-shirt, short and sneaker set emblazoned with Eilish’s own “blōhsh” logo (like the Murakami-designed merch drop), the anime version of Eilish stands 7” tall. Crafted from sturdy vinyl, the dark makeup from the video is intact, along with the angular pink hair and silver padlock necklace and rings that recall Eilish’s signature jewelry-heavy looks. The yellow-heavy toy is appropriately packaged in a matching, Eilish-branded box, designed to display neatly on a shelf.

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