Bandai America Tamagotchi On

Release Date

July 28, 2019 (US)


59.99 USD




Bandai America is introducing its beloved virtual pet game to the new generation with the Tamagotchi On.

A rework of the 1996 toy, the new gadget follows the plastic, egg-shaped housing of the original and upgraded with a colored-digital screen. The concept of raising your My Tama from birth to adulthood remains essentially the same, but features such as seasonal events and games along with the earning “Gotchi Points” for the virtual store are also available. Aside from feeding and potty training the pet, the Tamagotchi On app will allow players to link up and go on playdates, give gifts, travel and even marry. With the possibility of adding a new pet to the lineage, players can have an unlimited number of pets that may take on each other’s genetic features.

The Tamagotchi On will be available in “Fairy Pink,” “Fairy Blue,” “Magic Purple” and “Magic Green” and can be purchased at Target, GameStop, Urban Outfitters and online at Amazon starting July 28.

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