Snoop Dogg Helps Break the Guinness World Record for Largest Paradise Cocktail

An ode to “Gin and Juice.”
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This past weekend at the Bottlerock Napa Valley Music Festival, Snoop Dogg added on to his impressive list of accomplishments, although, not for a music-related feat but rather a themed cocktail creation. A playful nod to the rapper’s 1994 smash hit “Gin and Juice,” Snoop, along with chefs Hubert Keller and Michael Voltaggio, presented a massive libation comprised of the very same two ingredients he professes in the song.

Aside from its actual contents, the drink drew attention for its substantial size — grand enough to land in the Guinness World Records for the largest-ever gin and juice cocktail. Snoop later took to Instagram teasing an image of himself on stage with the colossal cocktail, while also posing with a certificate validating his new world record.

Keeping with statement-worthy beverages, Moët & Chandon honors Roger Federer with a $24,000 USD limited-edition champagne bottle.

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