'Super Smash Bros.' Announced for Nintendo Switch With Reveal Trailer

Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct.
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During today’s Nintendo Direct, the Japanese company unveiled many ports for the Nintendo Switch, remakes for the 3DS, and final looks and release dates for Dark Souls Remastered as well as Mario Tennis Aces, but the last announcement confirmed Super Smash Bros. for the Switch later this year.

In the trailer above, Splatoon Inklings are seen shooting ink at each other before the white surroundings turn dark and ominous. The silhouettes of classic Nintendo brawlers Mario and Link begin to enter as the SMASH logo appears above the orange Inkling, like a call to arms for the hotly-anticipated title. Details on the title are scarce, but given Link’s Breath of the Wild appearance in the video, it doesn’t appear to be a port of the Wii U Smash title introduced in 2014.

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