Diet Prada Signs With Influencer Agency Bag Snob

Will the move mean the duo won’t be quite as fearless in the future?
By · in Fashion

Infamous Instagram account Diet Prada, known for fearlessly calling out fashion’s copycats, has signed with newly-founded influencer agency, Bag Snob. In an interview with Business of Fashion, Co-Founder Tina Craig said “When we started this agency, we were looking at what kind of voices were out there and who had a unique point of view. Diet Prada was the first account that three of us agreed on.”

The move is another steppingstone for the duo behind the IG account, with fashion embracing them despite, or perhaps because of, their reputation to call out noted designers for copying other designers. It has also recently branched out into merchandise, creating a KIM des GARÇONS hoodie, which riffed from Kim Kardashian’s alleged copying of famous COMME des GARÇONS designs for her kidswear line.

Diet Prada