First 'Slender Man' Movie Trailer Is an All out Creepfest

“Slender Man made me do it.”

Slender Man, the infamous internet folk legend, is chillingly brought to life in the newest trailer for the eponymously-named movie. Birthed from a 2009 internet contest by Eric Knudsen, the child terrorizer has reached a mythological status that has bled into the real world, as two violent crimes committed by young people have been reportedly inspired by the stories. In late 2016, the tale was subject of an HBO documentary.

Sourced and produced by Screen Gems – masterminds of the Resident Evil series — the production company has decided to bring to life the tale on the big screen. Following a group of teenagers, the picture captures the torment the young persons have been plagued with by the suit-clad harasser, as they are abducted, scared and driven to commit heinous acts.

Watch the teaser above, and let us know if you think it will turn out as scary as the myths. In related entertainment news, watch the scraped ideas Pixar never used.

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