Palace's Latest Advertisement Pokes Fun at the Intermingling of Skate & Fashion

A tongue-in-cheek dig.
By · in Fashion

The always playful Palace Skateboards recently put together a new advertisement to poke fun at the current intersection of skate and fashion. The London-based skate label’s latest ad surfaced earlier this week when images of double-decker buses sporting the tongue-in-cheek dig began popping up on social media.

Making it around London on the sides of the British capital’s iconic buses, the ad is centered around an off-brand model caught candidly carrying a bunch of Palace shopping bags. With “Palace” written in a stiff font, the label’s flagship addresses and a simple “Skateboarding Equipment” description accent the ads aim of highlighting fashion’s obsession and lack of understanding of skate.

Take a look at Palace’s latest advertisement above and let us know what you think about the tongue-in-cheek dig. Also, make sure to check out our talk with Palace rider, Blondey McCoy, on the pressures of being a 20-year-old model, artist and skater.