Matthew Williams Highlights His Favorite Piece From ALYX's 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

A passionate talk about the use of premium leather.
By · in Fashion

Coming off ALYX’s recent collaboration with Vans, founder and creative director Matthew Williams has seen more attention directed towards he and his brand as of late. With the lined looking forward to its upcoming 2018 spring/summer collection, Williams took some time to talk about one of the line’s standout pieces. In a recent discussion with SHOWstudio, Williams highlighted a black bonded leather military-style jacket paired with shorts made from the same material. “This is my favorite piece from the spring collection because it’s the piece I most want to wear out of everything we made this season.” Williams goes on to talk about his reasoning behind using bonded leather, emphasizing how well it can look when tailored properly.

Watch the full video above and for more on ALYX, check out Williams’s recent interview with the New York Times on ALYX’s origin story.

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