Watch Macklemore's "Marmalade" Video Featuring Lil Yachty

Marshawn Lynch makes an appearance.

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Macklemore has released the video for his latest single, “Marmalade,” which features Lil Yachty. The video matches with the track’s happy-go-lucky vibe and finds kid versions of Lil Yachty and Macklemore taking a joyride in a luxury car. They even hit Houston jeweller Johnny Dang’s shop for some purchases. Mitchell Savitsky plays the mini-version of Macklemore while Lil Yachty’s kid doppelgänger is played by Dre’moni Watts. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch makes an appearance. Watch the music video above.

Check out our interview with Lil Yachty, where he talks about his favorite 2017 XXL Freshman, the price of his Bart Simpsons chain and why he’s going to miss being a teen.

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