'Game of Thrones' Gives Us a Behind-The-Scenes Look At "The Dragon and the Wolf" Finale

The last bits of ‘GoT’ for the year.
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Only a few hours after tonight’s Game of Thrones season finale aired, HBO released a behind-the-scenes video, giving fans a closer look at “The Dragon and the Wolf.” The episode marked the first time all the big name players came face-to-face with each other down in King’s Landing, as Jon Snow and co. try to make allies with Cersei in hopes to defeat the Night King and his army.

Stop here if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet.

As like many great finales before it, “The Dragon and the Wolf” left us with a major cliff hanger, as we see the Night King and his army finally make it past the Wall. The episode also clearly confirmed a major fan theory regarding Jon Snow’s parentage, which has been floating around the Internet for years. Get a closer look at tonight’s Game of Thrones finale above and below. And if you’ve missed it, GoT‘s eighth season gets a tentative filming date, revealed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

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