Legendary Mecha Anime 'Mazinger Z' Gets Teaser Trailer for New Film

Ichiro Mizuki from the original series is returning to perform the film’s opening theme song.
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One of the originators of the mech genre, Mazinger Z, is returning. The teaser trailer was first introduced at the Annecy Film Festival in France, but the 30 second visuals has hit the internet, unveiling their hybrid art style of 3D models and 2D line art. While the footage doesn’t reveal much of the plot or release date, the film will be set 10 years after the original series and that it will premiere first in Europe before Japan. The opening theme will also feature the original performer Ichiro Mizuki.

The original Mazinger Z manga and anime debuted in 1972 and since has produced several sequels and influenced many giant robot stories. Watch the trailer above and leave your thoughts below.

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