Justin Bieber & Alpha Industries Actually Have an Outerwear Capsule Release

Revisiting the pop star’s “Purpose Tour” merch.
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As of late, Alpha Industries has been focusing heavily on collaborations: Paradise Youth Club, Cords and Co., and EPPMON and RIME have all worked with the iconic brand in the past month. Continuing to use some of the most recognizable Alpha Industries pieces as canvases for the creativity of other artists, the worldwide label connects with Justin Bieber for two new special outerwear offerings.

Reworking the MA-1 and M-65, Alpha Industries Japan serves up a pair of new outerwear selections inspired by Justin Bieber’s current promotional campaign and his ‘Purpose’ tour. Heavily-branded, the coat and jacket feature various large BIEBER and PURPOSE TOUR logos. While H&M serves as the current retail partner for Justin Bieber’s most recent tour, releases like this show the superstar’s continued interest in fashion collaborations.

You can check out the Justin Bieber x Alpha Industries M-65 and MA-1 above, while the pieces can be purchased at Alpha Industries Japan’s official website and the Edwin online store. Last month, Alpha Industries also honored NASA’s achievements with a commemorative MA-1.

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