Arkitip Re-Releases Its Ultra Rare Supreme Fingerboards

Get them before they’re gone.
By · in Design

Famed art zine Arkitip recently revealed it will be re-releasing the fingerboards that accompanied its extremely rare Supreme – Issue No. 0024. Originally thought to be limited to 2,000 units, Arkitip took to Instagram to announce that it had found a box of the toys that came with the monumental issue and has put them up for sale.

The toy fingerboard is constructed of plastic and features Andrei Molodkin “F*ck Bush” illustration from 2004 that was used in one of Supreme’s most politically-charged releases. Despite showing minor scuffs and small cracks, the last remaining Arkitip x Supreme fingerboards up for sale will surely sell out quickly. Priced at $125 USD, limited quantities of Arkitip issue No. 0024 and Supreme fingerboard re-release is available now via

For more Supreme news, the New York streetwear imprint recently released a video for its upcoming branded sled release.